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MS Profiles : Rio_Hunter_AirPirate

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info on Rio_Hunter_AirPirate
NameRio hunter

locationMidnight Star



Wepons: Suiran Blades (Custom Cutlass's) Attack: Very Good Defened: good Also Carries Elemental Magis Attacks, those are Unknown yahoo profile

NameRio Hunter

Location In the Skies aboard my ship the 'Zero Fire'


Marital StatusSingle

Gender Male

OccupationAir Pirate, Part-time worker at Weapons Shops


True to my occupation, I am an Air Pirate that will only rob those who have armed ships or people who attack the defenseless. Whenever I am in ports for extended periods of time I work at Weapons Shops

Latest News


Favorite Quote "Hello! I am Rio. And in a few minutes I'll be taking your valuables."

Vist Other Realms.

Crystal Promise

Midnight Star

Crystal Promise Realm.

Rio_Hunter_AirPirate Image.

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