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MS Profiles : Lady_of_MoonFireMyst

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info on Lady_of_MoonFireMyst (Retired)

locationMidnight Star


Status No Attack but only a strong defened. She only has one spell and thats all types of healing. yahoo profile

Name MoonFire

Location MoonFire Manor/MoonFire Taven and Inn


Marital Status Long-Term relationship

Gender Female

Occupation Angel/Wolf/Tavern Owner


The mark of the angels on the back of her shoulder, protects her as does the collar she wears . She now mourns the death of Maxwell_Boret

Latest News

Through her many trials and endless escapes from death she has found time to be near someone. Man_In_Cloak has tamed her spirit and captured her heart.

Favorite Quote "Did I do that?!? *winks*"

Vist Other Realms.

Crystal Promise

Midnight Star

Crystal Promise Realm.

Lady_of_MoonFireMyst Image.

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