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MS Profiles : BlackRose_Killer

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Info on BlackRose_Killer
Name: Black Rose.

Location: Midnight Star.



BlackRose killer was once an allince and aid in Crystal Promise till she backstabbed the Crystal Promise Empire. No mercy was shown as her death came quickly but soon removed due to her taking a test given by CP officials. Shes joined the Midnight Star for a better life and only seeks a better life, then staying her own nightmare.



Seven Daggers, other tools for jobs, depending on task given or at hand.

Magic: Unknown.


She can defened her self without a wepon and shes quick within movment. This skill has came from when she was once an assassin for hire.


Her Low pro attack skills seem weak, but they can be deadly, if one slips up.

Yahoo Profile

name Just Call me black rose.

Location:Where you least expect.


Marital Status No Answer

gender Female.

Occupation Vampire/ Assassin

hobbies Th' name's Blackrose. Rose if ye know me, Death if ye don't. I take orders from Blood, noone else. Any other orders I may ignore, if it suits me.

Latest newsJes tryin' t make a livin at th' moment..not really fightin anymore.

Favorite Quote "..Bloody 'ell

Vist Other Realms.

Crystal Promise

Midnight Star

Crystal Promise Realm.

No Image.

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