A Harry Potter/BtVS Crossover Series
the sequel to "A Drop in the Ocean"

As Willow, Giles, and Tara return for a second year on staff at Hogwarts
School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry and company start what promises
to be a very interesting sixth year.

*With cursing ferrets, bloody awful groundskeepers, roaring underwear
aplenty, and all pants of cranky you can stand.

*spoilers thru the "Grounded State" of Season 4 Angel
*Harry and all the characters in the Potterverse are the property of JK Rowling's beautiful mind. Buffy and all the
characters in the Buffyverse trickle from Joss Whedon's mindspring. No infringement intended. Don't perform the avada kedavra on me. No staking either,

"How long is the path we've travelled together?
By now I feel as if I'm a part of you...
like a drop in your ocean,
like a leaf on your tree,
like a brick in the house that you built,
just for me..."
~translated from 'Un Canto'
*thank you, Amy of the Spat!