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Web Page Design

Personal: $65.00
Commercial (advertising a business): $105.00

(Above fees includes 1 page with the following:)

1. As many graphics as you need to convey your message the way you want.
(This includes unlimited web-ready graphics, your own original logo and customized buttons.)
2. Text that you provide.
(We will help you to edit any text at your request to make it more appealing to your audience.)
3. E-mail link and graphic
4. A Counter
5. A Guestbook Set Up for You
6. Search Engine Submission - This includes adding keywords to your site and submitting it to 2 search engines of your choice.
7. We will upload everything to your server for you.
(If needed, we will help you find a host for your site.)
8. Your finished web page linked here
(In the samples section, unless you request it not to be.)

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Optional/Additional Fees:

1. Additional pages: Personal Site $35.00 each, Business Site $55.00 each
(Includes everything the first page includes.)
2. Monthly maintenence of your site: $15.00 per month
(Includes routine checking of links and images, updates and additions.)
3. Scanned images:
We can scan your images and add them to your page:
$10.00 per image.....with editing* $13.00 per image
You provide the scanned image - we add it to page, along with any text needed,
$7.00 per image.....with editing* $10.00 per image
*editing means any changes we would need to make to the image at your request (such as cropping or resizing.)
4. Custom Made Graphics designed specifically for your page:
Prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the image
(Please see the graphics section for more details.)
5. Custom made banner submitted to 2 banner exchange programs of your choice and the appropriate html coding added to your page: $25.00
6. Your site submitted to a webring of your choice and the appropriate html coding added to your page: $10.00
7. Have background music added to your page with a wav or midi file you provide: $10.00 each page
8. Submission to additional search engines of your choice: $10.00 per search engine

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Custom Graphics

INDIVIDUAL IMAGE (not a logo or banner)
Individual graphics average between $10.00-$25.00 depending on the size and complexity of the image.
(Quotes will be given before work begins.)

$55.00-$105.00 custom graphics created for your logo and you will own the exclusive rights to it

$25.00-$35.00 for custom made web banners

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Payment Options

Currently we are using Pay Pal to accept all payments. Pay Pal is free to you and easy to use. We will help you set that up when you decide Magnificent is the web/graphic designer for you.

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