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Shawnee is a black tortoise shell princess born July 22, 2000. She has been a good companion and a well behaved house cat. Her first litter consisted of four kittens all healthy and well. Her second litter consisted of only one kitten, Angel. Angel was born Dec. 30, 2002. He is healthy and playful. Angel is not yet taking to solid foods, but should be soon. Shawnee and Angel need a good home, Angel has a minor cold, Shawnee is in good health. Their current human has too many cats to take care of them properly.

Princess is solid black with a small tuft of white on her chest. She was born on March 15, 2002 to Shawnee. She is a very petite and pretty princess. She is very sociable, but can take care of her self around other much larger cats…is a regular spit fire. Her first and only litter consists of Boo Boo Kitty, born Jan. 4, 2003. Princess is in good health, but Boo Boo is a very sick kitten. He has a nasty abcess on his leg and a bad cold in both eyes. He is currently on antibiotics and will be healthy in no time. Boo Boo is very loving and strong willed. He is a regular little fighter like his mom. Because of the number of cats in the house hold, their human is worried about Boo Boo getting the proper attention he needs to get over his illness.

We are looking for a new home for both Princess and Boo Boo to be together because of his age. Anyone able to provide a good home for these precious children, please call Maggie or Ted at 453-1363.