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I have been working with photo manips lately, trying to hone my skills a bit. I have uploaded 6 new pieces to the photo manip section of the gallery. You can see the transition in my work from piece to piece. I started a few days ago with Natural Worship. I liked the way it turned out, but was not totally happy with it so I created another in what would be a series called Natural Worship II. Again, I was happy with it, however it is lacking a strong focal point. So, again, I set out to create something more eye catching. Before I knew I was doing it, I embarked on yet another series piece called Butterfly Fae. Inspired by the fae theme I used a picture of my sister Lyn to create yet another fae, Butterfly Fae II. This is in my opinion my best work yet. I then went for a more gothic look for Lyn in Fae of the Night. Last but certainly not least, my Lyn is a goddess Looking Down on the Ruins of an ancient temple. You can't see the temple, only some of the ruins beside it, but you can see the sadness in her eyes as she looks on what may have been her temple in years past. Many thanks to Lyn for allowing me to use her pictures in my artwork. She is so beautiful there is really no way to mar any image using her face as a focal point.




I am closing three of the Cafe Press stores. Prices have been reduced drastically, but time is limited. Check out A Haunting Image, Eyes and Skull today for great deals. New to the Cafe Press stores are Tazz the Goblin and The Lovers. Both are available on posters as well as all the other goodies we have come to expect from Cafe Press. Tazz the Goblin and The Lovers have both been digitally enhanced and are now featured in the Gallery.

Christmas will be here all too soon. It is time to start preparing for Valentine's Day and Spring. Hearts and Flowers, Love and of course, The Lovers have already been added to the Cafe Press stores. Look for more to come.

A Guest Book has just been added, I would like to encourage you to take a moment and leave your comments.

Happy Holidays to all, may you find peace and love this season!




Welcome to the new and hopefully improved Magnificent Designs. As you probably noticed on your way in, I am teaching myself to use Macromedia Flash. I am really enjoying the program and as I get better at it, I will be replacing the flash intro you just saw with better and better ones. If anyone could please tell me how to make the darn thing stop looping in Internet Explorer it would be greatly appreciated! Just email me and tell me what I am doing wrong.

Only 13 shopping days left until Christmas. I have some nice gift ideas in the store. If you hurry you can still get them before Christmas! Once the holidays are over, the special holiday items will be gone, so get them while they last.

Recent additions to the Gallery include: Tazz the Goblin; Cozy Hearth; Tia and some others I can not even remember. I am currently working on transforming the adorable Tazz the Goblin into an acrylic painting.






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December 28, 2002