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Redwall PALS

Hello! Brand new website - just for writing stories! Yep: REDWALL PALS! And this time, PALS stands for Pass A Long Stories. Heh heh, note the plural form. Yes, there is more than one story you can participate in!


Chapter One: Remembrance

Chapter Two: Losserb Stew


Chapter One: The Bronze One


Chapter One: The Ocean

The plots and outlines are below.

#1 : CORINAS. The story of a young female black otter, exiled from her holt at a young age because of her color. She was raised by squirrels, and one day, sets out to find out her past.

#2 : PERIL OF CATARI. On this one, I'm letting you all out there decide on the plot. Right now, the only restrictions are that Catari is the main character, a bronze squirrel, hailed by all squirrels because he is "The Chosen One." Decide his past and future and put it into words!

#3 : RILT. Riltalear is a squirrel - one just out of Dibbun age. He has no parents, no family, no past. This squirrel one day decides to leave his small dugout in the woods in search of adventure, and his past. Will he learn it? You decide.


Please ask before submitting a chapter. I'll be more likely to accept it - but if it's good, there's a chance it will be posted.

Send me your story!get this gear!
Copy and paste it from your word processor and put it in the form you'll get to.

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