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The following articles regarding Tutankhamun are used without permission of the magazines and newspapers. I found them doing basic searches of periodical files at my local library and I highly suggest any other researchers using this site as a reference for school work to do the same. I have only chosen a select few peices of articles and will update with more current articles as information comes out. It is listed chronologically from oldest to recent. If anyone has any articles or notations of interest, please send them to me!


A family resemblance to King Tut - Science News, March 29, 1986

Howard Carter - 70 years after Tutankhamun - The Middle East, Feb 1993

DNA, art, and the hereafter - Art Journal, Spring 1996

Rebuilding King Tut's Wardrobe - Egypt Revealed, May/June 2001

Who's In Tomb 55? - Archaeology March/April 2002

The Anatomy of a Mummy - Archaeology March/April 2002

Who Killed King Tut? - Time, Sept 16, 2002


The Learning Channel recently aired a new Egyptian program with new computer graphic representations of the tomb. It featured the interesting news that FBI crime scene photography which allows detectives to photograph the crime scene in 3-D dimensions is now being used in the KV tombs to give better representation of how they are situated. This includes full artistic and item information of objects on the tomb walls and within the tombs themselves. They said that what would take 15 years to individually photograph and setup is now taking around 5 hours. Impressive. They intend to make it accessible via the Internet, but whether or not the average individual will have access to these or if this is for scholar or museum use, I have no idea. However, I'm willing to pay $200 a year to be able to visit the Valley of the Kings without the rest of the tourists via cyberspace, as the odds of me actually getting to Egypt is slim. The Learning Channel has various Real Audio Player or Media Player video clips from the show, including a CGI (computer graphic interface) clip of Tut's tomb. It's not much at the moment (mostly spins around the site underground to show you the tomb's size, depth and proximity underground to other tombs) but it's still worth a look. The URL can be found below and will become part of the Resource area as well. I could not download the video so hopefully they'll leave it up on their website.


- Valley of the Kings Virtual Tomb Tour

- Tutankhamun's Trumpet sound. This file is the actual recording made of the blowing of one of the battle trumpets found in Tutankhamun's tomb. This program is an executable and very excellent. It has information regarding the recording and setup by the BBC in 1939 of the trumpet as well as the sound file itself. Kudos to Utrecht University in The Netherlands for this excellent program. Below is the .exe and .zip file.