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In the depths of a large, powerful forest, one of the living stirs. She shakes herself, gently waking and coming out of her reverie of dreams. Around her, dark cerulean trees with silver leaves that glimmer in the starlight rise way above, reaching for the moon and the peaceful calm it promises. Small, bright red and orange ferns grow in places where the trees cannot take all the sun, and the small birds, so active and cheery during the day, lie in roosts and slumber without a care. The living one looks vaguely over at a bent, worn plaque hanging from a cane which has seen many better days. The little one is reminded suddenly of her name. Otlesu Kerkas. Lightning hooves.

Name: Otlesu Kerkas (Lightning Hooves)
Rank: Cub
Gender: Female
Parentage: Berratau Fremeuan X Mremau Kina
Head: FF
Ears: ff/LL
Mane: Nl
Horns: NN
Wings: NN
Front Legs: FF
Back Legs: A#Fc
Tail: Lf
Coat Type: A#Et
Snow Coat: Nw
Animal: MS/Mh (pygmy goat)
Notes: Looks a lot like her father, but has the personality of her mother. She tends to be shy and reserved, but is very intelligent.

Reminded of her name, Otlesu climbs to her feet and gallops slowly around the bush covered forest floor. Her two hooves make a dull thud as they pound down, but nothing stirs.

High above in the trees, a lone eagle sits, looking quite pleased with herself. She had seen her little Otlesu rise, but has no wish to disturb her. Looking down, with yellow and green eyes, the eagle sighs, remembering once, when Otlesu had not been here. Here, in her sprawling, beautiful forest. How lonely she had become! And yet... The eagle, unaptly named Cat, shook her head. She had not noticed how lonely she had been. But she was grateful for her Felcan, her savior. Smiling, the eagle closes its eyes, and sleeps.

The Nameless Forest