You are walking in the plains when you see a cloud of dust on the horizon but you keep going, then you see riders in the distance. You stop and before you can do anything, the riders are upon you, their spears in hand. Up close like that as they point their spears at you, you realize that they are outriders of the Kataii. With their spears they motion you to move.. you do and soon come upon the Kataii Camp. A horn is blown and you see people gathering in front of a huge wagon, as you are hearded towards it. Shouldering your way to the front of the crowd, you see a figure step out of the wagon and sit down on the dias. His voice is a deep rumble as He speaks to you ..

"Tal stranger, I am Thorberg, the Ubar.. what business has brought You to Kataii?"'

You are looked upon by Him . "Enter in peace.'' you are told.'' Enjoy the warmth of our fires and the beauty of our girls'', the Outrider speaks to you as you stand there. This is a KILL/CAPTURE/FORCE COLLAR ZONE Free Men are allowed to keep weapons but to draw steel within the perimeters of camp is to bring down the wrath of KWC onto Your shoulders. Free Women are not allowed to bare arms other than a small quiva, show Your steel Woman and You will feel KWC steel around Your throat. If you decide to stay and enjoy our hospitality, then welcome, but remember this is a Wagon camp in the Plains and we expect the rules of our Home to be followed. Troublemakers are dealt with swiftly in a Gorean nature

There is no magic, talking animals, vampires, etc on Gor

Pm'ing is NOT done without prior permission

All OBSERVERS If you are a slave, do not think the ~o~ will protect you in Kataii, for it does not. Slaves in the books where never protected by an ~o~ so it's not a protection for you in Kataii. If new to Gor then say so and be allowed to visit up to 5 times without worries of being collared. if using the ~o~ DO NOT interact or serve unless you wish to be collared, it is acceptable and encouraged to ask questions only. If you are a slave from another camp or city and behave improperly, you will be caged and held until either your Master/Mistress or the Ubar/Ubara or Second of your Home comes to get you. Should no One come to claim you after 2 days, you will be placed in a camp collar.

ALL FREE WOMAN: FW do not think You are safe either, for if You act out of place or exhibit inproper behavior then one of two thing will happen. One will be that You will be captured, caged and held for ransome if You have a Homestone , if You do not have a Home, You maybe be caged for a day, if no one comes for You within that time, a camp Collar will be placed on You. so keep Your mind about You and Your avi's respectful .

ALL PANTHERS: this is Your only warning Panthers that enter will immediately be collared. No you will NOT get a chance to fight. A lone Panther cannot stand up against a Warrior and win.When entering Kataii You WILL be escorted in by Outriders BOUNDED, NAKED, UNARMED and tossed in a cage, even if NO ONE is in the room

VISITING SLAVES are welcomed as long as they have their owners permission to travel and are respectful at all times, they are EXPECTED to help with chores and serve their Owners or other Camp Members. All visiting slaves whom act in a manner that does not follow the rules will be caged until their Owner is contacted after which there will be a 72 hour holding period for them to come and fetch. Any slaves left still within the cage after that time become property of the KWC to be kept or sold at the Ubar pleasure.

MESSENGERS will enter with their proper Gorean name with Messenger and yellow shash in tags. All others will be ignored. Those who bear the tags of Messenger will be afforded safe passage to deliver their missive as long as they conduct themselves in a respectful manner to Our Home , delivering the message and promptly leaving.

This website deals with mature subject matter, if you are not at least 18 years of age or are easily offended by such matters, please do not go any further.

enjoy Y/your Visit and please look at O/our webpage for more info on Gor and the Kataii

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~Thank you to Quasar Katoc for allowing Us to use some of the information~