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                KK's Fantasy Doll Making Contests!   

Welcome to KK's Fantasy Doll Making Contest webpage! I will have many fantasy Doll making contests over time, and hopefully will get many entries. All winners will receive and award for there creation. I hope that you do join my contests, and I hope many people around the world will to. Read below for the rules on entering.

I, myself, cannot make dolls, so most people would find it odd having me hosting a doll making contest site. Well, I love seeing other people creations, and it's not all me deciding who wins, its the public! And also, I have a lot of free time on my hands for making these contests and I can make pretty kewl looking awards ^_^!

Well, you probably want to know what you will get out of entering your dollz into my contest! So here is a list of what you will win.

Well, you will get a kewl award to put on you site to show people you are good at making dollz. Yay!
You will get a link off my page, with the doll you won, to you site with for as long as I can keep it on here without me running outta room. LoL! And hopefully my site will get really popular, making that a really good thing, lol!
And you will have the good feeling you won! haha, that sounds stupid, but hey, its fun winning! ^_^!

Anywho, to get on with the rulez! ((I know they are boring, but if you want to understand what is happening, you will have to read them! LoL))

  1. 1) Anyone and everyone can enter my contests, just as long as it fits in the category of the contest.

  2. 2) Swear words and cussing is allowed, depending on the way it is being used. Nothing raciest plz!

  3. 3) Plz no hard core nudity. If you are not sure if you included to much nudity, it will be sent to me first, but if you think it would be, I don't want all your hard work going to waste if you can't even use it.

  4. 4) Have fun! If there is any other rules you think I should put, just email me! My email is below!


There, the rules are done. Easy eh? LoL! Now, to send in your kewl dolls, just email them to me at! Also include your website URL, your website name, your name, your dolls name and info (if any), and what contest you are entering them in. I will collected dolls for a week or two or three, depending on how popular the contest is, and then let others vote. The voting will last up to 3 weeks, depending on how many people vote.

 Thx for you time and hope you enter!


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