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Kawaii_bat's Animeness

Here you will find characters and or multimedia/pictures etc from these really good animes that are listed bellow, I hope you find most of the the information about a character from these animes here. If not please email me.

Anime titles
Weiß Kreuz*almost finnished*

Gensomaden Saiyuki *In construction ** operating **

The Slayers*Bleh under heavy construction***sweat drop**


MultimediaYEAH ! Weiß kreuz music , Gensomaden Saiyuki Movies , Gravitation sounds !!!!!

Naughty image galleries
Vampires/youkai/Mazoku of anime As it says. It's a page with lists and short bios of almost ever vampire I know of in anime and video games. You can also list some. Email me if you know any I didn't name or put on (remember I haven't finnished this section.) *****



Visit this really funny (albeit crapy site with The Slayers doujinshin jokes) It's hilarious , just ignore the bad artwork !