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Yoji Kudou

Meaning of the name: Yoji Kudou

Age: (Around) 20

Birthday: March the 3rd Piscies

: Nationality: Japanese

Blood type: AB

Image flower: The Cattleya

Code name: Balinese

Trade marks: Dak glasses , Tatooe of an upside down cross with wings. "fashion statment" outfits.

Group: Weiß

Weapon: Wire

Opponent: Schuldig , Neu

Note: Balinese (Yoji) was the 3rd to enter Weiß. the first being Bombay (Omi) , then Siberian(Ken). Abyssinian (Aya/Ran) arrived two years after Yoji entered Weiß ( Manga evidence) He smokes , drinks and goes very often to night clubs.

Info: a detective before he became a member of Weiß. His love Asuka was lost to him. h ejoined Weiß and now takes any job that has to do with girls. Later on when they go again't Shereient he comes across his love again this time kinda brainwashed and with another name; Neu.

Personnality: Easygoing , playboyish attitude. Yoji makes alot of casual jokes and manages to get almost everyother Weiß member mad at him , yet it doesn't bother him.

Manga differences: he's a brunette in the manga and a dirty blond in the anime