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June 4rth I APOLOGIES TO EVERYONE WHO EVER VISITED MY SITE ! To day I noticed I had the Link to the wrong page. I like realm2/kawaii_bat to my old weib_caracter page GOMEN NASAI !! SUMIMASEN !!!!

April 25th. Well I transfered my site and multimedia. Looks different Ne ? I am sooo happy. If my site gets to 1000 marks I'll be even happier. I'm probably going to hook it with Anipike. On Weiß kreuz or Multimedia. What do you guys think ?

April 23 Hello yeah umm.. Two months of no updating but I still got 245 mnarks.... I think half of them is me checking though.. hehe ^_^;.

Feb 26 well after not updating for a month I noticed for sure now no ones comming to my site. SOOoooooo I'll really put effort into afinding links for it...... I am soooooo pathetic. I have another site which I'm going to hook up with this site.There will be 3 sites. Vampires , Demon/youkai and my original Anime Kohaishu.

Jan.14 Well...I've been updating for some time (before January anyways)Seems no one's comming to my site so I think I'm going to concentrate on linking with other pages . Hihi Like I said in Dec 24. Been playing Final Fantasy 10 . It is soooooo cool. I recommend it to RPG fans.

Dec.24 Still looking for a site. Did a Hameln the Violinist shrine pagy thing. My sites getting bigger and some folks have visited it. I think it's mostly my friend Ryoga Mettalium's doing.

Dec.22 Looking for a site. ummhmmm....

Dec.21 Hey it's been some time I've updated. Seems NOOO One has visited my site since the day I opended it.hmm... I've put up my original Anime kohaishu no aru ni paratsu. I'll be hooking up with another site or maybe a links site.

Nov.23 I put up the answer is in blood in my fanfiction section. I also linke with acouple of more sites.

Nov.21 I added these updates (because I don't have anything else to do and I like typing for no appearent reason) I also added a fanfiction section but Their won't be anything in it for sometime until I start/finnish/get more fanfiction so please send me some.

I added a Fanart section and I also added a links section and linked with my friends page.

Nov.20 I put backgrounds and started get the twinkies and glitches out of my site. I've had trouble linking my main page to the meetvampsofanime pages.

Nov.19 I actually started creating links to the other parts of my page. But with my lack of knowledge on how to make a web page it went KAPUT until I asked my friend Ryoga Metallium.

Nov.18 After being a Co web mistress for my friend Ryoga Mettalium (No that's not her actual name) I decided to make a site of my own. So I could screw up on it before screwing her's up. I made the front page and that's it !

Top 5 favorite voice actors

My favorite animes

  • The Slayers (TV , Next , Try By: Hajime Kanzaka)
  • Gensomaden Saiyuki (by ???)
  • Gravitation (by : ???)
  • Yami no Matsuei (By: ???)
  • Weiß Kreuz (By: Takehito Koyasu)

My favorite Bishonens

  • Vincent Valentine (From: FF 7)
  • Yuki Eiri ( From: Gravitation
  • Youku Kurama (aka Shuichi Minamino)(From: Yu yu Hakusho)
  • Kuroi Kaze (From Final Fantasy Unlimited)
  • Sesshomaru sama (From: Inu-yasha)