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The answer is inblood chapter 2

Final Fantasy 7 fanfiction
Rated : R For violence and sexual situations
Final fantasy 7 and all characters do not belong to me.
They belong to squaresoft and Sony

Nanaki put all of his stuff back on the chocobo and they arrived before darkness envelloped the sky.

At the villa Yuffi and the others where putting out their sleeping bags and preparing to hit the Zzzs. Nanaki slept on some pillows
as always and Vincent lay awake. Not able to sleep he shut his eyes and thought about what Nanaki had said about his mutation.

"Hey ! Vincent!? Wake up..." Someone pushed Vincent's elbow.
Vincent slowly opened his eyes and squinting in the light he saw Reeve. Instintly he stood up. Already in his clothes he hadn't
bothered to put any night garments.
"Reeve what are you doing here ?" Vincent snapped unacostumed to having an Ex-Shinra employee instead of Cait Sith.

"Relax Mr.Valentine I wanted to be here in person that's all , i mean I think people would be insulted if I came here as a my Big
stuffed mog with a cat on top prototype robot ."

Vincent imediatly calmed down and apologiesed.

"Have you seen Nanaki ? I thought he would be the one to wake me up ." Vincent turned around surching for his taby friend.

"He told me to wake you up . you see it's 11o'clock the wedding is about to start. You where sleeping and Nanaki told us to give
you a little more time and to wake you up later." Reeve replied nervously. He picked up his black tuxe and headed down the
corridor with Vincent following.

After putting his coat on and arranging his tie Vincent looked like he did back then when he was a He thought , and washed his
*hand* in the men's room and then proceeded to the door and headed for the reception. Some close friends and familly
where gathering while the groom was talking to his best man: Cid , who was swearing very loadly while throwing complements.
After everyone was ready , the actual weading began.

Tifa was very beautiful in her white dress. A very long ribon was place in the back and it's lengths streaming down. The flower
girl was none other than the sweat Marlene at the age of about 7 and a half. Yuffie was the maid of honneur , wearing a seafoam
aqua coloured dress that reached down to the floor. It was a Kimono like dress with different Kanji inscibed on it wishing new
couples good luck.

After the actual weading , gifts where exchanged. Cid had given a beautiful big gold chocobo to the new couple because the other
one ran away. Barret had given them a ticket to pick up a kitchen set that he helped forge with emblams of the FFVII legacy
(With the planet and the moon and stuff) Yuffie gave a masumane sword (a very long one) to Cloud and a beautiful white lether
glove to Tifa.
Both had dragons on them. These where their decorative , main wepons.
Nanaki advanced and gave his gift : the white materia he had found. Cloud and Tifa where absoltuly ravished.

"OOOOooo Materiaaaaaaa."Yuffie's eyes sparkled with mischieouf. Everyone shook their heads.

Vincent quietly advance to give his gift. He handed it to Tifa. He put in in the palm of her hand and closed it. When Tifa opened
it she saw a beautiful necklass . It's chains of Gold , in the middle was a ruby being held by a fiery amber sculped bird.

"A phoenix necklace !?" Cloud looked puzzled these where very rare to come buy. The scultpured amber bird had something
inside it. Cloud touched it.

"What's inside the amber ?" He looked at it and showed everyone what he meant.

"It is an actual Phoenix feather. When I was younger I had found the feather and with all of my earnings I had crafted this
necklass for Lucrecia." ....He paused
"She refused it. I wish you to keep it and pass it to your child at a later age."

"I..." Cloud was speachless Tifa had tears in her eyes.

"We can't except this , it's a reminder of you love." Tifa babbled as she took the necklace from Cloud and placed it into his
clawed hand.

Vincent looked into her eyes and slowly replied
"Nothing would make me happier..." He took the necklace and put it around Tifa's neck.
"Then to see you wearing a necklace that I had helped crafted myself. It will make a great heirloom." He paused raising Tifa's
head and whipping her tears.

"You will always carry a part of me with you. I will probably never see you again after this.Best wishes to you and Cloud."

Vincent abrutly left the room.

Tifa was startled when she heard him say that. Tifa started walking towards where Vincent had left but Nanaki had run past her.


"VINCENT ! Why did you ? ...."

Vincent abrutly stoped and kneeled on the ground. He immediatly clutched his abdomen and winced in pain. He could feal
something very *Very* wrong happening. He opend his mouth agape but no sound came out of it his vocal cords they where
paralysed , or was it ?

Nanaki heard a very High pitched scream. It hurt his ears and he covered them.

"VINCENT What is ? ... Are you starting to ? Nanaki yelped he quickly went to get the others when Vincent nodded. Tifa had
already followed them and her mouth was agape. RedXIII pushed her to get some sence out of her. She looked at the red fured
And asked what was going on.

"No time to explaine we have to mobolize him , I'll go get the others , try calming him and reashuring him but be careful. "
RedXIII Didn't say any more as he dashed to crash the party.

"I hate to be a party pooper but We've got problems !" Cid had been so surprised when Nanaki had boped him that he had spit
up the whine in his mouth.

"What the !@*$$%? What's the B***pin wrong ?" Cid turned around and looked down at The cat.

"It's Vincent. I can't explain it all now but we've got to help him. Someone get 2 big sticks a sheet and some rope!" Yuffie
immediatly replied without questions. she had looked around the villa and found one of Aerisi's old staffs and one of Cid's pole

"Arggh! Not my Scimitar !" Cid whined as Red put the big piece of cloth that was the table nap and punctured holes in it passing
the pole arms into the holes he made. he then passed the rop onder and attached them to the poles. He had created a streacher.

"Shouldn't someone call an ambulance if he's going to be put in a strecher ?" Yuffie asked.

"No hospital would know what to do with this cass. They couldn't possibly contain him afterwards. RedxIII placed the strecher
on his back and immediatly ran towards where Tifa and Vincent where.


"Vincent ?" Tifa started. She waited for an answer. She was replied by a slight grown. " Are you ... Are you sick ? Your clutching
your stomach do you wan't me to pat you back she streched her hands to do so but Vincent shuved her hands with a mettalic claw
and fell on his left side. his metal claw sprawled over his head. He griped his hair and pulled on it. His eyes burned trimendisly.

"Go...GO Away !!!" He yelled at her. She was startled but as soon as he had said so. Nanaki arrived with the streacher and the
hole gang behind him. He could hear everything from the footsteps to the simple rufles of hair against material. He turned his
head to face the noise.

"BY LEVIANTH ! Yuffie shrieked , Tifa fell back. Everyone had consern in their eyes as Vincent gasped for air. Every heave he
made showed a pair of protruding fangs. He bit his lower lip as Nanaki advanced. When The big cat was at about 4 feet from
Vincent's form He tilted his head back and showed his teeth.

Nanaki stoped. It was a sign of agression in most animals to show their teeths. Vincent backed away still holding the right side of
his stomach. He stood up and looked at everyone. He then blinked once and turned away running.

"Hey ! Catch him ." Nanaki yelled but as Cid lunged forward and jumped , Vincent leaped in the air jumping over Cid and
winning his freedom fairly easilly , he turned a corner of the city and was gone.

Nanaki cursed. (It was one of the few times he had ever done so.)

"Mind tell'n uss what was dat all about ?" Barret asked majourly pissed out. The hole weading party had beern reuined and he
wasn't very happy about it.

"I am sorry but I had told Vincent I wouldn't talk about this if it didn't get out of hand. Well I might as well tell you about it now
since it has."

He paused thinking of how he would explain all of this.

"A couple of days ago Vincent had come to see me about something. I had analysed him and have noticed that his cellular
structure is irregularly unstable."

"Meaning ?" Asked Barret.

"His blood structure or D.N.A is changing. " Shera put in simple terms.

"Exactly . I've compared it with the different mutations he transforms into when in battle. The Chaos mutation is starting to
dominate his D.N.A structure. In a couple of days Vincent won't be Vincent anymore."

"You mean ?..." Tifa started. She looked very conserned.

"Yes he'll be a Vampire. Strength , sences and agility well beyound that of any humans. That's what Hojo had planned for him in
the start but Vincent's body prooved to be very resilient."

"Any Idea where he might be heading ?" Cloud asked holding Tifa to calm her nerves.

"None whatsoever , but he'll want to be in a damp dark place when he transforms. Already , daylight is hurting him."

"Great so we have a Freecking Vampire roaming around. An X -TURK! VAMPIRE at that !" Yuffie babbled.

"Well we could just stay here and sit on our @$$es all day or we could search every cave here on this !@#$@continent to find
him." Cid smuthered his Cigar. He immiedietly stood up and went outside to get the Highwing.

"You could make good use of that Chocobo I gave you!" Cid closed the door.

"Well I'm not going to go in the Highwing! I'm better off with the Chocobo." Yuffie muttered at the idea of flying on the airship

"I'll get some of my prototype machines to go look for him. If they spot anything then I'll contact you guys on the Phs." Reeve

"I know the basic places he'd go and what he's going through so I'm going with Cid. Tifa you should stay here we wouldn't want
you to be hurt or the baby you're carying ." Nanaki replied ,Tifa nodded in disapointmeant Cloud compforted her.

"I'll go with Yuffie on The Chocobo and Barret could go with you guys." Cloud said taking a chocobo bridle from one of the
closets in the Villa.

"Amen to that!" Yuffie cheared. " Where should we go first ?"

"How about Lucrecia's fall ?" Cloud said walking outside.

"We'll Check the secret caves where we got those special types of materia" Nanaki stated he made a motion to Barret to come
with him.

"Dady can I go to ?" Marlene asked. Barret looked at Nanaki who then looked at Marlene and smiled.

"No you cannot , it might be dangerous. You stay with Tifa and maybe you could help her clean up Hmm?" RedXIII Asked wih
a smooth tone of voice.

Marlene smiled. She like the Big Cat especially because he could talk. She liked playing with his tail too. Though it glowed red
and looked on fire it was actually not that warm and was very funny to the touch. Nanaki also babysat for her from time to time.

"Are you guys comming or what we don't have The !@#$% Day to wait you know."

"Mind your language Cid. Marlene is here !" Nanaki yelled at Cid.

2 days later.

"O.K we've surched the hole intire fricking western hemasphear for damp dark places but we haven't found one where Vincent
might have been !" Cid explained to the group.

"We've surched all over the Estern continent but we haven't found anything eather." Cloud Reeve and Yuffie explained where
they had surched.

"I have abolutly no idea as to where he could have hid that we didn't look." RedXIII sighed.

"Do you think the mister's going to be very hungry now ?" Marlene inosently said.

"..." They all paused "Of Course that's what we've been missing. Since his structures' changing he'll need alot of Proteines ,
carbohydrates and Calcium to substaine his new forme."

"Say what?" Barret replied dumbfounded.

"Food ! He will need to eat alot! If Vincent's going to substaine Wings and such , he'll needs lots of nourishments to do so. If we
could find a good spot and lay a suffcient amount of food where he might be , it would be tempting enough for his instincts to
make him come .... Even if he is a genious in combat. I happen to now.... Nanaki trailled off.

"Where would we ACTUALLY put it Red ? I mean we have absolutly no idea where he could be!" Yuffie speaked her mind as
she watched the Tev.

"That I have no clue." RedXIII poundered.

We interupt this broadcast to bring you alarming news. A beast has been ravaging the town of Gongaga these past few hours. >

"Umm....guys!" Yuffie called out. Everyone neared the Tv.

"Cosmo Canyon ! Nanaki yelled. He rushed outwards picked up a travelling pack and ran towards the Highwing. Cid (getting
the Idea) ran towards him to. Everyone did the same except Yuffie , Tifa and Cloud who really didn't like hights.


Vincent though to himself as he looked toward Cosmo canyon. Vincent turned facing Gongaga. Vincent walked toward the other
way changing his direction.

*** 2 days later***

"What do you mean he isn't there !?" Cloud shouted on the Phs .
'''I mean he isn't here he didn't come , if he did he would of been here a day ago !''' Nanaki paused
"If he wasn't planning on going to Cosmo Canyon maybe he change directions ?"
Cloud proposed
'''Maybe..but I'll stay here for a while you keep watching the news for some clue on where he might be.

Nightfall Costadel sol

A silent figure jumped from rooftop to rooftop not even disturbing the population sleeping under them. He stoped abrutly on one
of them , listening to the snorring of very familiar people to him. He slowly walked on the top of the small villa and wen't to listen
near another window. It could hear the breathing of a small girl. He put his back on the ceiling clenched the edge of the roof
swinging through the open window.

It's red eyes played across the figure of the small girl.
He sighed then pased through the doorway that led to the inner rooms of the small house. He smelled the interior , dellected with
the odor that emanated from one particular room. It limped slightly when he walked buteven when doing do , he did not utter any
noise. He clenched the handle of the white box thing with his metal claw almost afraid to open it. He opened the door and their
where all sorts of food. Pausing as if slightly in shock. Food , It was hungry. The beast forgot about not making any noise when
It ate , until he heard shuffles from the other rooms.

It immedietly took some of the condiments from the fridge put it in his cape and jumped towards the top of the door.

From his upside down purch on the ceiling he could see Cloud's look of distress seeing the opened fridge.It silently climbed it's
way to the living room and opened one of it's windows , he landed on the ground without even a noise and jumped out of the
window to the ground. Only mistake , his claw got cought on the window sills and a very loud "RIIIIP" was heard.

"What was that !?" Tifa yelled from her room and Cloud ran towards the Living room and saw the window sills flapping in the
wind , half of it was gone or....He looked throuh the window and saw the rest on the top of the roof. He climbed out the window
and Tifa entered the Living room.

"Don't worry I'm just going to check it out."

He climbed on the top of the ceiling and looked around...nothing ...he then looked behind him and their he faced a black figure ,
facing him. Not even frighten of what Cloud would do to it. It was very tall it's boots where taken off and it had clawes instead of
a humans' feet. It's hand was also sharply clawed but the other...was golden

"Vincent !" Cloud yelled but Vincent took a step back and fell , he didn't seem like he wanted to run away...then Why?

"Yaaaaaaa!" A hi pitched scream.

"MARLENE !" Cloud yelled , Tifa screamed. Vincent had jumped off the roof clinged to the edge and gone through the way he
came in. He now had Marlene as hostage for safe passage.

Cloud climbed down into the living room again getting the golden sword Yuffie gave him from the decorative poles he had placed
it on. Yuffie had called it The Dragon's Sword. But he was to late , Vincent had already gotten in and then out of the House. Not
even letting a trace of his passage exept for the empty bed in the room he was before. Tifa cried on Cloud's chest Dreading what
Vincent would do to her.