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Tashi's story Chapter 1

Tashi's story Chapter 1


“Argh SSS! Die you bugger !” The young boy twirled it’s batton and hit the lacra larve for what seemed the sixth time , but unlike the other times that it had been hit by hims it stayed down.

“SSsss! These things are hard to kill.” He lifted his staff from the ground and rested it on his shoulder , cringed and lifted it up again. He had gotten many bruises and the sleeves of his left shoulder had ripped off revealing a tuff a yellow bloodied fur. <I don’t hear any more signs of struggle... I guesse Kesh must of killed the rest off...>

He lightly stepped towards their base camp. Kesh had told all the men to return to base once they had any injuries or couldn’t find any more lacra larva. Soon it became apperent the war had ended for many of his comrades where back safely to their camp.

Tashi sighed. At least there where no casualties among his few friends he could be comforted at that. He counted the nitches in his staff 9 and one more that means he killed 10 of them. not bad for his first day of real combat. Practicing his Dageki to sakeru teckniques to hit and avoid had really been worth it. He’d return with only a few bruises and by the looks of it some of his comrades wheren’t really in a such good condition as himself.

He sighed and swished his tail around in the air for a bit. It wasn’t doing them any good staying here and just killing off the lacra larv and the lacra themselves Kesh knows that they have to get to their queen to actually get rid of them.

Tashi felt a pull on his tail and looked to the side.
“If you would of been in such deep thoughts during the battle you would of been dead by now. Realy Tashi you have to be a little more alert. The War is yet to be finnished.”

“shhhsss” he hissed. “ Look who’s talking , you with all you’re cuts and broken leg , it seems , Razik , that you’ll be out of commision for weeks. Really now ! What females whould go looking for a dissabeled Kessenzoku. Why I have better chances then you to get some mates !”

His life long friend laughed hole heartily doubling over when his stomach clenched and ailed him.
“ Tashi you couldn’t get a mate if you’re life depended on it ! You’re far to young to be having children and you know it ! You’re not even a qualified teacher of Dageki to Sakeru!”

The young Kessenzoku’s feline ears palstered to his head. it was true that he was no more then 16 but he had already acheived the level of Dageki to Sakeru to become teacher. He looked back to his friend. Wearing only a a pair of pants Razik was a teacher in the shiyo ni taishite expertise. Why Razik had been hurt in the end was because of this : How do you use a big mass of fat again’st itself ?

Razik’s brownish fur was dyed red. the big Neko had really done it this time. Tashi bent down.
“Why don’t you lie down while I tend to your wonds and tell me about your kills.”
The young feline pushed his friend down on the ground and was handed a long strain of clean white gauze by on of the female nurses that where circling around. He Licked his friend wounds and applied the gauze. The brown male Neko cringed. A good sign that the antibiotique saliva was dissinfecting the wounds. He tucked the peace of white gauze back in itself and patted his friends back.

“So how many of the suckers died ?”

“5” he sighed and sat back up. “ I’m afraid I’m not as I used to be to many of my limbs have broken and healed wrongly. I think I should resign and simply stay teacher.”

Tashi licked the blood off of the back of his hand in thought. Razik was young only 28 and resigning? During a war no less. This was not good. Most of his friends where demoralizing and very quickly. Kesh must know this and he’s not even doing anything about it. Damn that dumb Dog , why’d he have to become troup leader when Razik had more experience agaisnt the Lacra he didn’t know.
”SSSss” he hissed in remeberence . Now he remembered why. The dumb dog had gotten that position because he simply killed the most Lacra and had gotten the favor of the most females.

He sighed. The Lacra , those yucky ugly ant looking giant insects had existed since he was but a kitten and they had never got rid of them. No one was brave enough to get to the heart of the matter. The queen had been alive for more then 25 years now. His native village was quickly becoming to small to fend off the threat and the kessenzoku Ii no mesu shidosha didn’t want to send more good male fighters again’t it until they actually foudn the position of the Queen Lacra.

“don’t worry my friend.” Razik layed a soothing hand on the brewding young kit. “We will get them somehow. Until the queen is dead I will not resign.” He looked around and watched the fire just a few feet from him. He smiled warmly. “ I can still get a couple of mates just by participating in this war anyhow. “ both of them chuckled.

Razik was a well known lover between the female kessenzoku and even if he didn’t participate in the war he probably could get laid after this ordeal wihout having greatly contibutating.

What was it Razik had told him about his fame as a mate? Umm... <Don’t think just about the mating to get children aspect of it Tashi , think about what would please them. You know girls and guys they both have “Rising heat”> as he used to call it. He said that it accompanies all life , that it gave life to the females so they could cary it in their body until it was strong enough to come out. ARgh ! His mother had never actually had the : Oh ! So famous “Sex Talk” with him and he still had some things he actually was to embaressed to ask his friend Razik about.
He shook his head. And snaped up when he heard a thumping sound. his firend was also alert.

Most of the other kessen’s ears where also pointed towards the direction of the sound and they heard yalling


And from the bushes off the side of the clearing barged in a Lacra insect with a Kitsune on top of it . riding it as if he where one of those wierd looking Human’s trying to tame those horses of their’s. The insect was 10 times bigger than the biggest Inu Male that Tashi had ever laid eyes upon. He grabed his wooden staff and placed himself in front of his friend. Some of the others where already charging at it. The dogs mostly , the Neko where simply surrounding it whil the Kitsune seemed to have the ride of his life yelling those obsenities that acompanied Human horse taming;

The Woohoos and Yeehaas. God ! He hated the human’s tongue to many Es and Ws. he could never get around their language.

The great insect flailled around trying to get the pesky fox of it’s back but the stuborn Kitsune woul dnot let go. It swiped it’s legs towards the Inu kessen warriors charging at it knocking two of them off their feet and injuring one by stepping on it. The Lacra twisted it’s body to where it’s head had once been knowcking more Inu off their feet. It’s rear end slightly raised in the air while it kicked it’s hind legs to unbalance the Kitsune.
The Fox on that matter had stopped yelling and was hanging on for dear life realizing in what position he was. Tashi squinted his eyes and ecognized the Kessenzoku as Filli the 300 year old imature fox that always seemed to appear when not needed. The creature was getting a little to close to the camp to his licking and Razik wasn’t going to be able to move with his broken leg. Tashi looked at his friend sniffed slightly in concern and then he was off running towards the monster.

At last ! One of those big dumb Inu did something rigth. One of the bug’s legs had been cut off. The creature whirled again and Tashi jumped up into the air. Landing on it’s abdomen. He jumped forward towards it’s head when it bucked again. The other Neko where doing the same but jumping and scratching it’s legs. The lacra was ignoring Filli for the moment and he didn’t know how long it would ignore both of them on it. He grabed the kitsune by the shoulders and jumped 5 meters off of the insect and on a tree branch.

“What the hell where you doing on a Lacra !!?” He shouted to the bedazzled Fox.

“This wasn’t originally what I was planning. ” The fox sniffed and it’s 3 tails flitted in the air.

“Well you’ll have to answer to Kesh for this.” Tashi gracefully jumped of the Branch and swiftly ran towards the battle. The Lacra had tripped , too many of it’s legs where cut off, and was being hack & slashed by the other Kessenzoku. Kesh himself was on the best and delt the finnish blow. A massive Shiyo ni taishite blow to the base of the neck and the Lacra lay dead. Tashi dreamed of the day when he could use the highest arcanes of Dogeki to Sakeru that would be taught to him by his teacher’s master , if only he could convince the last to test him.

The great Inu kessenzoku pulled his hand out from the insect trailing a line of green blood from it to his oozing hand. It seemed that their leader had had a few bruises himself , the patches of white fur where matted and at some places you could see purple smears. The Inu stalked off towards the tree where he had left Filli.

“Come down here and explain youself !” He yelled commandingly , the young fox shakingly jumped out of the tree and landed non to gracefully on his rump. He looked down at the ground , Kesh towering dominantly over him.

”Explain” He barked again , leaning on his left foot while waiting for an answer , his long tail brushing on his right impatiently drumming on a certain spot.

“I...I....tried to ... infiltrate the hive. I thought if i transformed into a Larva i could get past them...”

Kesh and the others where laughing except for Tashi who felt bad for the young Fox. Mentally Filli was his age and he remebered the first time he had tried something like this , not as foolish , but like this.

Filli didn’t know any arts but was one of the few of his kind the kitsune tribes where always away and far apart. Filli’s parents had left him here for the femles to care for. Shara his sister had taken care of him since he was 285 years old. That would be mentally 13 years old he guess. The Kitsune didn’t age mentally as well as the other Kessenzoku , that must be boring having to deal with a mental 5 year old for hundreds of years.

Kesh spoke again ,Yanking the young Neko out of his revery.
“ You thought that a race with a keen smell not too unlike ours would mistake you for a Lacra larva !? Of you size ?! don’t make me laugh. You could of gotten the injured kill with that foolish act of yours.

“I.. I’m sorry.”

“ You did not seem to be aware of the situation when you where ?$#!# riding the thing , now where you? Yelling Human obsenities!”
Kesh clenched his teath in that annoying matter of his and growled deep in his throat.
” Wait until the females hear about this , now we will see who will be of the situation then.” More laughter

Tashi looked down at this feet. Then clasped his courage and spoke up.
“ How far did you get in before they noticed you Filli.” The chuckles seesed when they slowly realized Tashi had a point.

“ ummmm...uh...” Filli was too nervous to reply and Kesh was about to scream at him again. Tashi decided to step infront of their leader and put a reachuring paw on the kitsune’s shoulder.

Filli calmned down and spoke quickly after glancing at Kesh revealing to him that Tashi had done a “very” rude gesture by cutting him in his scolding.

“ I saw the queen.”