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Meaning of the name: Schuldig /Schuldich


Birthdate: ???

Nationality: German

bloodtype: ???

Mighty power: He's and Empath/Telepath. Meaning he can feel your emotions and/or see what you're thinking and project his thoughts to you (Even talk to you or steal/erase you memory)

Image flower (If he had any): The Amaryllis

Codename: ???

nickname: Schu-Schu

trademarks: glasses , yellow bandana , green trenchcoat (His hair ^_^)

Group: Schwarz

Weapon: Knives and his ability to screw you up mentaly

Opponent: Yoji

Seiyuu:Midorikawa Hikaru

Info: Schuldich means Guilty in german so ... that's about all we know about him.

Schuldig as seen in the anime