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Genzou Sanzo

Meaning of name: Genzo/Genjo/Sanzo

Height: 177cm

Weight: 64 kg

Birth: November 29 Sagitarius

Age: 23

Eyes: Violet

As you can see Sanzo is a rather...*cough* special kind of priest. He drinks liquor, smokes , enjoys gambling, and worse, uses guns yet he still follows the path of buddha...Yeah that'll work. He searches for his parents and/or teacher of the Sanzou who where massacred by Youkai

He is very self-cented, arrogant, but possesses a calm decisiveness and charisma(lotsof it actually). He's very good-looking and is 23,

His favorite phrases are "Die" and "I'm going to kill you".

His characteristic weapons are the Sultras of Heaven and Hell, a handgun and a paper fan (^_^*grin* <(why am I reminded of Tatsuki of FY?).