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The sagitarius is a sign of adventure , of the game that is life and the cross road descisions that are presented in life. He also symbolises naturel expantion , joy of living , naive optimisme that sometimes make the people born under this sign dupe to himself and unconscious of others point of views and irrealistique. He has so much confidence in others and himself , that it can lead to painful events that he must realize.


Days: From the 22nd November to the 21 th of December.

His season : Automn/Fall

his element: Fire

His master: Jupiter ( Zeus king of gods , god of thunder)

His colours : Blue and Yellow

Key words: optimisme , energetique , generosity , wisdome , enthousiasme , good will , expantion.

His metal: Tin His stones: Turquoïse , Lapis luzuli.

Opposing sign: Gemeni

Anatomy correspondance: The thighs , legs , and calves.