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Road to the magic guild Chapter 4


Road to the magic guild By: Kawaii_bat Before you start reading this.... remember that all these characters and races and things I invented myself are mine and are copyrighted by me also. And I can prove it so ): P don’t try anything wierd. If you want me to post a fanfiction on one of your sites ask me. I’ll actually be very glad and happy to post one on your site. _________________ Reveal to me hair. CHAPTER 4 of : Road to the magic guild. ____ Dorone let the hair dresser brush his newly black hair. Cunnin had been kind enough to give him some of his “earnings” of the past couple of days. Stating that he had done a remarkable job at memorising all of his teachings. He lifted the new red comb he had just recently aquired. ‘This was fun.’ He thought to himself. He had seen the gold elf again that morning but his hair had been previously changed during his practice at reciting the spell with Asya. “Sheï shuni wundole , kremdare. Djivi ere Shupa Delon... Kremdare !” Which he had basically translated as: Flowing wonder black to white . From red to blue! Elvish could be hard to deciphere at times but it made sence this time. It had been rather funny seeing the reactions of his fellow tribe when he had returned to their camp with a full crown of black hair. His teacher Cunnin had nearly fainted in shock at the sudden change of his pupil. ‘DO NOT SCARE ME LIKE THAT !” Cunnin yelled. Panting and doubled over when He had explained his change of hair colour. The gray haired Arienaï certainly looked like he had had the spook of his life. “I’m getting to old for this kind of thing. “ He chuckled. “Dorone ?” A familiar voice called him and he lifted his head slightly and the hair dresser stoped for a moment. At the doorway of the little shop stood Colonial. The Arienaï smiled slightly and told him in elvish to wait until his hair was done. it wasn’t as if he couldn’t take care of his hair or anything it just took alot of work to keep his hair in shape and for once he had rather wanted someone else to do his hair. It slowed it from growing if he did so. Once done. He had a shining mane of black hair which would not change if he changed it bacck to white. Colonial was so surprised with the new adition of black to his lover’s hair that he reached out to touch it to see if it was real. Once he did he smiled. “Magic ? ” Dorone simply smiled . “I haven’t seen you in for some time. So that’s where you’ve been ? The magic guild ? ” His hand lowered to pat the side of the formely white haired Arienaï and Dorone leaned into the caress closing his eyes. When he opened them up again Colonial had the same look in his eye that he had had when they had first made love. Dorone slightly cocked his head and gave the elf a sly grin. “If it interests’ you we could catch up on old times ...” The elf blushed and looked at the ground but still his body posture was not of one who disagreed. Dorone took the moon elf’s hand and led him to an inn. It was about sunset and he had had planned to invite Colonial for the night at the inn anyways. He had made reservations and as they checked in the moon elf became even more embaressed as others , his firends perhaps , had seen him being led by an Arienaï. Though they found it strange that the Arienaï in question had black hair , they still smiled playfully at the eagerness and determination that the three eared being was showing. As he opened the door and closed it, Dorone was almost imediatly kissing Colonial. The moon elf out of breath and surprised stood still. The Arienaï slowed down as he felt the stiffness with which his kiss had been received and when it became but a brushing of lips he parted from the breathless elf. “Wow.... “ Colonial tried to catch his breath a little. That kiss had been the most passionate he had ever had from his three eared partner. Although it had been a surprise it had become a pleasent one. “I’m sorry , I was a little to fast and I should of...” Dorone had no time to finnish the sentence as Colonial silenced him with a fearce kiss , almost as feverent as his own and Dorone enjoyed it , kissing back with as much fevor as he was receiving. The moon elf was pushing him slightly and he backed up towards the bed. Pleasently noticing how Colonial was actually dominating him in bed tonight. He had always been shy, but for some reason the Arienaï senced that the elf held much pent up sexuality and perhaps much affection for him. As the Elf carefully and pleansently undressed him, Dorone searched and found the comb and turned his hair back to white. Colonial paused and with a gaze underlined by flushed excitment gazed at the Arienaï’s transformation from black haired to white. When it was done Dorone seemed so much more... gracefull and beautifull then he was with black hair. Colonial brought a soft pale hand and ran it in his lover’s hair. “I do so prefer your hair white...” Colonial growled as he licked Dorone’s Hoseki ryo no sei. The jewel between his shoulders , in the cleft of his throat. The white haired Arienaï shifted from genderless to male and the tingling sensation it caused made him arch his back. He gave a breathless moan as the moon elf cupped his newly formed manhood and suckled a nipple adoringly. “Wouldn’t it be funny to see you with white hair ?” Dorone chuckled softly. Colonial was a moon elf, they did not have any other hair colour other then black and dark grey, never in a lifetime would someone consider a moon elf aving white hair. It was unherd of and if it did happen it would be a sacred thing a sign of the gods above. Colonial shifted to give the other nipple attention and neaded the other one before he actually bent down and circled the Arienaï’s navel. Dorone patiently wached the young moon elf please him , as he had been tought that most often male humanoids tend to like pleasing their partners more then the other way around and had also been tought to encourage with making noise. It wasn’t difficult to draw up moans and gasps when it was the sensible thing to do in this kind of situation. Colonial shifted again and started to take Dorone’s pants off but he caught the elf’s hands. “Not before you take off a couple of layers.. “ Roles where reversed playfully now as Dorone took the elf’s shirt off. Instead of starting at the top he started at the bottom. which proved to be an excellent teaser for the Elf. “Ah ! stop teasing ! “ the moon elf cuped his head in both hands and pushed it down towards the bulge that was pressing painfully inside his briefs. The breathless pants the sweat slicked forehead covered with a slight sheen of sweat , the flushed cheeks where all the encouragement the Arienaï needed to know that the elf was near , and in painful need of attention in that section. The white haired Arienaï took off his pants and then the moon elf’s as well. He climbed over Colonial and sensually rocked back and forth over his body. His stomach pressing and teasing the tip of the elf’s manhood. Never taking his eyes away from the others , sky blue eyes stared into deep marine ones , he sliped a hand over the other’s manhood and pumped with the rythm of his rocking. The elf ,it seemed, had trouble keeping his eyes open , mouth slightly ajar and eyes closed half mast , a dark flush covered his pale skin over the bridge of his nose and under his gourgeous eyes. He sucked in a breath suddenly and arched his back into Dorone’s stomach and came not only on his own stomach but his lover’s as well. Colonial sighed as afterglow cought him , yet still not yet fully satisfied he sat up. A flash of light cought both of them by surprise , coming from the hoseki ryo no sei. When Colonial looked back at his lover , the white haired Arienaï was very pale , looking down at himself. The moon elf asked him if there was a problem. “I...I.I”m....” Dorone kept looking down. At that moment the elf noticed that the Arienaï’s breast had enlarged , his shoulders where slender , his hips narower and he ..... was now a she ! “By Ragnah !! By the great tree !! Don’t tell me you are ....” “I...I’m....pregnant.” All Dorone heard was a thump as his lover promptly fell unconscious. ************************************ ****Night fall the next day *** “By Sensio ! Congradulations !! And you only 18 by the gods ! Dorone you have a future ahead of you !” Cunnin pat his student’s back and Dorone looked nervously at his fingers as he played with them. “My child !” Jenovra took (him) her in her arms and warmly embrassed (him) her. “ You have blessed this tribe with your blood. Child of my descendance. The life you bare may be a great parent in the future.” A party had been thrown and as the tribe played Mal-del the traditional game of guessing the father/parent sire and race and the age of his lover , Kemenari had become (his)her God parent/teacher. Kemenari was a brunette Arienaï (female like) who had much success with deliveries. She had seen Dorone and Colonial together and had guessed the age of him as well as his race (obviously) Dorone remained silent for the rest of the day as his tribe congradulated him on his pregnancy. Colonial had been asked to join them , for he had been the sir. He stood near the pond that they had first made love upon , nervously observing his pregnant lover who *had* been a male but now strode in a female body . The pregnant Arienaï strode towards him and unbeknownst to the tribe held a taboo conversation with him. “Colonial I.. “I know you’re sorry it doesn’t really matter does it ?” The moon elf cut the white haired female , he did not look at the Arienaï, rather he looked down at his feet. “....” Dorone did not know how to say this. What he was thinking about was taboo, forbiden and of unspeakable insanity for an elf. “I don’t want this child.” Colonial lifted his head up and stared wide eyed at his lover. Was he hearing right ?! Dorone ! An Arienaï did not want to have a child !? The elf blabbered for some time until he could find his words. “Tashou Indusha (a)aru raida Demene !!!? He spoke with such speed in elvish that Dorone could not deciphere it. He looked embaressed as the moon elf collected his thoughts and translated his worlds “y..Ya...You , don’t want a child !? “” It was (his)her turn to look down at her feet and be saddened. .W..why ? Dorone lifted (his)her head up and looked into his eyes. “I can’t use magic while I’m pregnant....” tears formed into (his)her eyes and it did not go farther then that. “The tribe will stay here for another 5 years because of my pregnancy.” The elf stayed silent and waited for more. Dorone did not continue. “Do you need me for something. Anything , I’d be glad to help. It’s my child too you know... I take full responsibility... “Kemenari has only one child , Rinta is full grown. She want’s to take care of my baby and will provide for it. I can continue studies while pregnant but I won’t be able to cast anything.” The moon elf looked unsure , Dorone stood back on (his) her feet and walked a few steps back towards the camp party. “The Arienaï do not hold any other parent responisble for the birth. It is a blessing that you have given to me a child , I will not burden you with such things.” “Can I still come and see you ?” Colonial stood up and followed his lover. Dorone turned , looked into the dark blue eyes for a moment . s/he then smiled wamrly and took his hand in (his)her own and led him back to the party. **** 6 Months later “Umm I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to walk 10 lewns everyday to get here while you’re pregnant.” Asya calmly said . Dorone pouted slightly. “It would be easier if you just lent me some of your books so I can study at the Makoto tribe site.” Asya slightly cringed and gazed worriedly at the books Dorone was currently reading. They where very old grimoires and he would rather they be kept safe in the magic guild rather then be dragued to and fro or be kept in a camp site. “Oooorrrrrr....The white haired female Arienaï dragued on “... you can come visit me and bring it with you. Asya sighed. He was white magic guild leader, he had too much work to do. The visit could wait for another time , but it was obvious that Dorone would continue to walk 10 lewns everyday to and back from to the magic guild. This could damage his reputation as a healer. ‘I suppose I could lend ‘him/her’ the grimoires , s/he’s had always been very responsible.’ “Very well then you may borrow it for 7 days then come back. I think you would want to maybe copy some text to study but please return those copies to me afterwards. Do you undestand ?” Dorone nodded and a smug smile adorned (his) her lips as s/he picked the heavy text and thanked Asya for his time. “Oh ! And can you please change to a more....feminin cloths , it,s kinda strange seeing you waltz in you usual male attire while your pregnant.” ***** Kemenari’s hands held onto the white haired Arienaï’s , thighs supporting Dorone’s head as he lay on the ground practicing breathing. It was now very far during the pregnancy there was almost only a month before he delivered and Kemenari was very anxious. Sometimes pregnancies could be late or too early. It was Dorone’s first and he was very nervous. Afraid it woud hurt , afraid something bad would happen and also preoccupied with Colonial’s responce to (him) her havibng his children. He forgot to breath properly “I don’t think you’ll be able to do that once you’re laboring.” Kemenari snapped (him) her out of (his) her revery. “I’m sorry I’m just very nervous.” “We all where when we had our first.” Kemenari placed a lock from Dorone’s face and tucked it behind (his) her ears. “But .... it’s still such a great feeling to be actually carying life within you , and to think that your children have where given life from you , that they are actually par of your flesh and blood , is such a wonderfull feeling. I wish I where in your place.” Kemenari was always trying to chear (him) her up. But s/he still felt something was strange about this pregnancy. The kicks inside (his) where too many and it felt a little akward and tight , somewhat uncomfortable even. he had asked others , they had said the feeling of a child stretching you was not uncomfortable , rather a soothing feeling in the stomach. Something was wrong s/he was shure of it. ****** PLEASE REVIEW !!!! ** >.< it’s so strange to picture Dorone as a girl now ne ? don’t worry I,ll still you S/he) and (his) her so you can kinda know who is talking. Tell me what you think of this strange concept.