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Road to the magic guild Chapter 3


Road to the magic guild By: Kawaii_bat Before you start reading this.... remember that all these characters and races and things I invented myself , are mine and are copy-righted by me also. And I can prove it so ): P don’t try anything wierd. If you want me to post a fanfiction on one of your sites ask me. I’ll actually be very glad and happy to poston your site. _____________________________________________ First step to the magic guild CHAPTER 3 of : Road to the magic guild WARNING : HINTS OF SHONEN AI. _____________________________________________ “Do you want me to come with you ?” Cunnin asked as his white haired pupil started leaving their tribe’s camping ground. “No no! I can do fine , I’ve learned from my past mistakes.” Dorone waved his Hederahoi , motioning that he should stay there. “Don’t miss your lesson tomorrow...” “...About love symbols for different races , I know. “ He moked and chuckled at Cunnin’s expretion of annoyance. “You never take me seriously. These things are important to know and you’ll eventually have to use them.” Cunnin folded his arms and tapped lightly on his elbow. “Go then since you’re so eager !” Dorone hummed a tune as he skipped gingerly to Undlam, to meet and see the different places and at the same time possibly a mate. He passed in front of what he knew was Colonial’s house but didn’t really want to bother the moon elf. They had been coupling for the last few days and believed he would be tired after nights spent doing things like that. Elves weren’t notoriously hardy when it came to long extensive sex. aLthough The Arienaï had been surprised at the amount that Colonial could endure from and Adolescent Arienaï , he had particularly sated. his Senseï had often said that other humanoïds rarely had the stamina to sate teenage horny Arienaï like him but he had chosen a very good mate indeed. He passed in front of the flower merchant watching the beautifull exotic flowers , it made him nostolgic and he thought of home. The forest of Makato with it’s strange birds and tangy exotic fruits. He smelled the many spicy fragrances and then left to see the other things he could discover. Everyone was staring at him and he found it very uncomfortable. While passing a book store he saw another gold elf. Remembering what he had experienced and what Cunnin had told him, he tried to stay away from the elf , but it saw him and started to follow him. He lifted his pace when he realized he was being followed by the tel’quessir. Turning a corner he found himself in an alley between a magic guild building and an other one. It was a dead end with a little corner to hide in. As he looked behind him and round that little nitch in the wall, someone appeared from behind him and placed one hand on his hair. When he jumped up startled he turned around to face his aggressor but found him or her to have vannished. The Golden elf turned the corner and the young Arienaï cringed when the tel’quessir saw him. Strangely the elf looked confused and leaving him be looked elsewhere. Dorone ran to look out of the street and the quessir was still looking for something. Was it him ? What had happened. Was he invisible ? “Excuse me ?” He asked a young lady with black hair. She turned around and looked directly at him. “Oh ! I’m sorry I thought you where someone else.” She smiled warmly and said it was alright. He looked at his hands. He walked carelessly to a bridge suspended over a tranquile river. No one was staring , no one was minding him like they had before. What had happened ? He passed his hand in his hair and observed the seagulls as the flew over the snaking waters and pecked around on the bridge for meals left by strangers. A wind blew towards the magic guild and he was drawn by it. He had heard about the magic guild by Jenovra, his parent. Apparently they can work miracles there or something. He had a vague knowledge of what magic really was or ment but he associated it with miracles. Thinking it would be interesting to visit it and broaden his knowledge of magic he began walking towards it.. Cunnin had remarked that he was quite good at holding facts and information in his memory permanently. This had been proven after one session with his Hederahoi. A Session he still remebered Dorone Flash back * “Now what is the flower associated with human love” Cunnin sat in front of a very straight and high vertical cliff. Most of the cliff was steep and straght slate and was serving them as a make shift chalk board. Dorone was sitting on a rock which he had placed his bed sheets on. Making it more comfortable to sit on. “The Rose” He answered unthousiastically. “Kessen?” Dorone shifted on the bed sheet and placed his body so he was looking at Cunnin upside down. Positively bored. “The tigerlily. “ “Elves ?” He lifted his feet in a childish fashion and hugn his hands on them. “The purple/blue spider orchid.” Cunnin became irrittated and droped the chalk. He walked towards the rock and sat on it laying down on the bed sheet next to Dorone he motioned to the cliff. “If I have nothing to teach you , teach me.” Dorone pointed to himself dumfoundedly as if he where asking it his teacher where talking to someone else. “Yes you ! Do you see any other Arienaï here ?” The white haired pupil embaressingly walked towards the cliff wall and picked the chalk that had been thrown onto the grass ground. “Umm...” He looked at the cliff nervously and then smilled inspiration dawned on him. He wrote the word rose and caranation in elvish. and started. “For humans the colour red and white signifies love. The rose can also be a sign of death when it is burgendy coloured, when it is yellow is signifies jealousy or a deacress of love. When bright red it is a sign of true love. There are many colours of roses save for the colour blue and green. Each represents different feelings. White is also a sign of love and is accompanied usually by the bright red rose. A caranation also comes in a variaty of colour and can mean either affection or respect towards a person. A red caranation given to a human mother signifies a true appreciation for what she has done for you. A white caranation means affection and a yellow is usually givin at a whim to express friendship or a simple gest of kindness.” Cunnin looked at his pupil brightly. All of his teachings had been remembered and he was moved to see his student so bright and enthusiastic about it. ‘From that day on , I knew I liked teaching.....’ * End Dorone flash back. * He walked towards the guild when a stranger tapped his shoulder. He turned to see a high elf in his 200rds silently looking at him. The stranger elf smiled at him.It had blond hair and green eyes. A green cloak and cape and a brown shirt and pants. “Do you like it ?” He asked cocking his head to the side and closing his eyes as he smiled. “Do I like what ?” Dorone asked slightly turning and taking a step back form the elf. he had never seen a High elf before and he wasn’t sure how they where like. “Your new look ?” The blond elf opened his emerald eyes slighttly. Dorone looked puzzled at him for a moment when the elf passed a hand throgh his hair , enticing him to do the same. When he did he cought a glimps of it. It was black ! His hair had turned white to black ??!!! Dorone screamed , startled. Passerbies hurriedly came to see what was the matter. “What did you do ?!” Dorone passed his hand in his hair and checked it again. The blond elf looked slightly worried. “If you don’t like it , tell me.” Dorone calmed down. As the city people asked if he was alright , he embarassingly told them he was and acted as if his black hair was normal. As the people left he glared murderously at the strange elf. “Why did you do this !? Turn them back !” The elf looked slightly hurt when this command was given. He picked an item from his pouch , a comb , and waved it in the air , speacking elvish words and nonsence that Dorone could not translate because of the rapidity of it. Elvish wasn’t his first tongue and he had trouble getting the pronounciation right. The elf stoped and placed the comb back into his pouch. Dorone hurriedly looked at his hair and it was white again. Thank god. “Why did you do that ?” “You had white hair and you didn’t seem to like the Quessir that was chasing you and so I thought it best to change it to help you you.” The high elf pouted. The elf , which he could tell was certainly older then he looked , was acting unlike his age. He and other Arienaï where tought to be from the same familly as elves where. They could tell the age of an elf by looking at them , while mortal men could not. When Dorone gave him a sceptic look. One that most certainly meant he did not understand why his hair had anything to do with the manner “What does my hair have to....Oh.. right. Sexual Libido.” The elf blushed. Dorone poundered for a while. It was true that his hair colour had attracted unwanted people in the past . Hair colour matched an Arienaï’s libido and personnality , frankly his hair colour had never matched his personnality. The gold elf that had followed him before might of thought that his hair being the colour white , the colour that suited the most active of his kind, that he wouldn’t object to coupling. The black hair had been a gift from the gods , acutally. If an Arienaï wanted to dye their hair , they would have to do it twice a day because of the incredible speed to which their hair grew. “Was that ? Magic you used ?” “Of course ! I’m the white magic guild leader of Undlam !” The elf bowed proudly. “What is you name?” The white haired Arienaï brushed a strand of his locks out of his face and smiled. He would have to cut it again since it had grown at least a foot in the past few days. “Asya” The elf answered. “My name is Dorone.” “I’ve heard much of you at the counsel , I hope that gold elf get’s what he deserves.” The elf walked past the Arienaï then looked back. “I believe you where heading here” He pointed to the guild. “ I could show you around if that would so please you ?” Dorone smiled and followed the strange blond elf. ***Later “This is very interesting ! So with that comb the ability change my hair colour can be obtained through magic?!” Dorone looked the comb over upside down noting the elven script carving on one of it’s sides. “With the proper incantations of course !” The high elf picked the comb out of his hands and placed it in a cabinet with other wierd objects. “What is that?” He pointed to a big dagger like white thing in a jar. “Oh ! That’s a Black dragon’s tooth. Highly rare, I found it one day while I was walking near the treedom line in Espona. “A dragon ? Like in the tales of Ryu? Aren’t they those big huge thingies with bat wings and all scally all over ?” “They are” The young white haired Arienaï pictured the beast. But found it fairly strange that a lizard should have the ability to fly with bat wings.The high elf searched amid the novels on an old book shelf. Most of the books and manuscript old and worn. Dorone looked around the library ( it seemed like the library anyways) it was full of very cool and nifty looking objects and the air seemed very different inside the magic guild then it was outside. “This is place is very interestingl.” Dorone slangly talked human common for a moment and reverted to elvish. “I’m interested to learn about magic , could you teach me how to change my hair colour ?” “I’ll gladly take you as my pupil , I have no other ones who would like to learn from me. me being a High elf and all. To much prejudice. i had tons of trouble getting a teacher miself....” the high elf found the book he was looking for , pulled it out and almost fell but cast what seemed like a levitation spell , for he was not really being supported by anything. Dorone watched intriguided , while the elf floated down and land on the ground. “Could you teach me that first ?” Asya raised an eye brow then , realizing Dorone was reffuring to his levity spell smiled. “Sure why not start right now ? It’s pretty easy ....” *** The Arienaï stretched languidly on the rock he and Colonial had first made love on. He watched silently as the sun set and the first stars appeared. Usually Colonial would be here by now.... He sighed , the absence of his lover probably meant that he was not in the mood for anything tonight or was to tierd of all those other sleepless nights they had shared. The white haired youth stretched again and turned his head to the right. Watching a fammiliar figure walk towards him. “So. What did you see in Undlam today ?” The corners of his lips perked up in a sly smile and he answered. “I went to the magic guild today....” Trayling his last word as if he had more to say yet had refrained. Cunnin lifted an eyebrow and his hand lifted one of his gray locks to be placed with the others. Creating a visible line of gray in the middle of his head yet the left and right side of his head had white hair. It made him very special in that way. Cunnin asked with his eyes to continue and he did. “As long as we stay here I’m going to learn magic.” His Hederahoi motioned to him to make room and he sat next to his pupil. Actually Cunnin had been more of a big brother then anything else. It felt very strange having relationship with this middle aged Arienaï albeit he was very sought after as a Hederahoi. Dorone woundered sometimes if the gray/white haired Arienaï wished for something different once in a while other then to teach the ways of other races and to be used like an instrument, an educational toy that most would forget about when they grew older. He would never want that for himself. Being just an item for someone until that person went away, you would never see him or her or that person ever again. This. He bet. Was probably what Colonial must feel about him.... A one night stand as humans called it. Using someone in the only end to produce a child or to experience the pleasure that came from the act of intercourse. Cunnin seeing that Dorone was deep in thought , left the young teenager to his thinking and gazed at the starts with him. *** “Vamn !” Dorone spoke in Elvish as he ran past the door and to the table before Asya could turn his head around to see who it was. Hearing Dorone’s voice greet him good morning he reaplied. “Vamn ere tashou tsu....” [Goodmoring to you too] He pulled the book that he had partially taken out from the library and placed it on the table with some other parchments. “Shoy laina-Vuure Bud(o) vag ?” Dorone panted “Speak....*pant* common please *heave*.....for a while.... until I pant*....catch my ... breath “ He placed his hand on the top of his knees and slouched forward trying to do just so. “How’d you get here so fast ? I thought the Makato tribe lived somewhat 10 lewns[1] from here ? The white haired Arienaï catched his breath. “ I do.” Asya looked at him with a funny face (aka: Sweat droped) “I’m very busy today so I’ll only be able to spare you an hour or so of my time before one of my clients gets here. The young Arienai placed his hand over his chest to steady his beating heart and smiled while at the same time steadying his breath. “That’s all right , I have to meet a friend here anyways.” The High elf looked around trying to figure out where to start. “What do you want to learn today ?” “If it’s not a bother to you , I’d like to be able to change my hair colour. If I come across any other gold elves while looking for my firend at least I could fool them with that.” “Ahhh.” The elf said tranquilly , walking towards a shelf and took the red comb that he had showed Dorone yesterday. He picked it up and placed it gentilly on the table next to the young blue eyes Arienaï. “A gift for you. You need only to speak an incantation that I will teach you and think of the colour you want your hair to change. “I...I don’t know what to say.... Do you want something in exchange ?” Dorone looked up at Asya. The elf turned around , but not before he could see a blush creeping on his face. “If you want I could ... “NO! “He cut him abrutly “You.... I mean not that I wouldn’t but this is a simple gift that I can permit myself. Besides I wouldn’t want any other Quessir following you like last time ...and the time before that....” The Arienaï blinked at him, looked again at the table where the comb was resting upon. Normaly humanoïds , including elves , would ask for something in return , since he was an Arienaï he assumed it would of been sexual.... He had never actually received a nothing anyways. He picked it up and smiled brightly at Asya. Asya his second master. *** [1]Lewns Elvish way of calculating long distances Lewns =0.9 km / 1/ 2 of a mile) Hey looky here my fic has 7 pages instead of 4 or 5 pages YEAH !!!!! Please REVIEW !!! I need counselling please please !!!! More suggestions for sex things hehehe. Maybe I should make an old KESSEN friend come back (So i could practice and you could get a yummi preview of Anthropomorphic sex ^_^) give me ideas PEOPLE !!!!