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Road to the Magic Cuild Chapter 2

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Road to the magic guild By: Kawaii_bat Before you start reading this.... remember that all these characters and races and things I invented myself are mine and are copyrighted by me also. And I can prove it so ): P don’t try anything wierd. If you want me to post a fanfiction on one of your sites ask me. I’ll actually be very glad and happy to post one on your site. ______________________________________ White haired one CHAPTER 2 of : Road to the magic guild BOYS BE WARNED: This Chapter has Shonen ai / Yaoi which means this involves some (mild) yet hints on a male and male relationship and hints of sex between two men. Yaoi: Guys X Guys going at it. Moon elf and genderless creature turning into man going at it and... yeah just so you know *again* .... _______ “Come on , you know you want it.” He yanked the white haired Arienaï closer to his body and rubed his nose behind one of his three ears. “ NO !” Dorone struggled against the gold elf as he tried to free himself from Sesh’s grasp. What had started as a simple date had actually turned out as a way to fuck with him. Sesh did not relent , he contined playing with the back of Dorone’s ears. Which was rumored to be an extreemly erogenous zone for Arienaï. It was . Dorone shook with contained pleasure yet continued to push and hit Sesh. He was too small in frame and build to be able to go against a mature gold elf quessir. “Please. “ He begged as the elf opened his front shirt revealing his Hoseki ryo no sei* jewel. It was his first time with another humanoïde other then his Hederahoi teacher. He had wanted it to be an wonderful thing. Now he was going to be raped ! The elf passed a hand over his jewel and Dorone felt himself unwillingly turning into a female. He grew breasts and as Sesh was about to explore that new part of his anatomy , someone came from behind and hit the quessir squarely on the head with what seemed to be a large ceramic pot. It broke and the gold elf fell unconscious on top of him. He had a feeling he knew who his savior was Dorone quickly passed a hand over his jewel , returning into his sexless form. He glanced up to his savior and sure enough it was Cunnin , his Hederahoi. “First lesson about interspecies intercourse: Gold elves are not the kind of species you want to associate with when it is your first time with another species.” Cunnin droped the handle of the vase that he had hit Sesh with. and sighed. “You needn’t have had to knock him so hard.” Dorone checked for any damage that might have happened on the gold elf’s head and found none. He placed him with great trouble on the bed in the inn’s room. “It’s a good thing I’m your hederahoi teacher. Most Hederahoi would not have followed their pupil around on their first coupling with another species.” Cunnin sat down on the chair next to the bed while passing a hand trough his pale gray hair. “Thank you senseï.” Dorone arranged the elf comfortably on the bed and sighed. “ I am very lucky indeed.” Cunnin then placed a finger on one of the many rings on his left ear. “I got this one in a simmilar fashion. Learned very early on from experience that gold elves are arrogant bastards. They care only for themselves and not for others , that includes us Arienaï. To them we are sex toys.” Cunnin then looked to Sesh, spraled on the bed. The gold elf had gone way over his head this time. When Jenovra their clan leader ( and not to mention a parent to Dorone) would hear about this , the young quessir would be seriously punnished by the elven Actium. “I... wanted my first to be special.” Dorone brushed Sesh’s golden locks away from his bronze tan skin. “If you wanted an elf , why didn’t you try with your cute friend Colonial , he is a real nice moon elf. We have a much better rapport with them then golden ones. Dorone shrugged then walked with Cunnin to the Makato’s camp base. *** As mentione Jenovra heard about the attempted rape of her youngest child. She had been enraged with the people of Undlam. Calling them irresponsible and had had many hissy fits. His parent had always liked staying in a female form. So she could blame her bad mood on PMSing. Arienaï could not menstrate though.....But what other humanoïds didn’t know didn’t hurt them. Well that was a untrue statement.. Dorone chuckled to himself. Sesh had been ordered to return to Kadgular. Special orders of the High Moon elves consort, which where held higher in rank than the high gold elf consort. He was going to have a hearing in the Actium in a week or so. Dorone would not attend, Arienaï where reknown for their truthfulness and a gold elf could not go agains’t their words , less they wanted to ruin their reputation forever. The actium also had a way to tell if you said the truth or not so he was assured that the sentance was going to be carried. He had specifically forbidden the gold elf’s life to be taken from him and no more then a sentance of 300 years given to him. An Arienaï rape was one of the most horrific things that can be perpetrated in the world, it is a keen to mass murder. He admited that it was largely also his fault for being inexperienced. Dorone shook those thoughts and resumed working on Parashe’s hair. Parashe hadn’t cut her hair in a week and now it was 3 and a half feet long. He cut long strands of red hair and sighed. What do you expect from a 7 year old ? Parashe was playing with a doll a young human had given her this morning. It slighlty resembled like her. “May I go now ?” She begged , watching as the Arienaï where playing with the human children , trying to catch a fleeting butterfly. Dorone was almost finnished and cut the few last strands of hair that was left. He patted her head and waved towards her friends. She chuckled appreciativelly and kissed him on the cheek. It was fun raising children. He hoped he would have one of his own one day. He cut his own white hair to about shoulder length and picked the 4 feet worth of hair and put it in a basket with the hair of all the other Arienaï. Already vegetation had started to grow around the basket because of the properties of the hair and he took a few moments to take the plants from around the basket and plant them somewhere else. Cunnin had come back from a long day at a brothel and seemed exhausted. Even the best of Arienaï had limits and could get tierd after a while. He mused. He helped his hederahoi to his tent and assured him he would look after his children for a while more while he rested. Cunnin nodded appreciativelly. And Dorone walked towards a great rock near the pond where the children had apparently chosen to play in and sat on it . He thought back about his past few days at Threetolam’s Undlam section. Everyone including the red haired Arienaïs had been excited to arrive. Their first visit to a human village from this particular Makato tribe in 10 years. Cunnin had set his eyes on a lone male high elf , apparently he was an old aquaintance. His teacher had been sure his former lover would be there. He was. Had been all along for the past 25 years. Dorone grunted. He felt really uncomfortable with the high elf. More so when he thought about his hederahoi producing another child with him. It unnerved was jealous. Yes ! Jealous that the high elf would be so memorable to his bed mate that he wouldn’t forget about him , even in 25 years. God ! he was acting like a black haired Arienaï ! All posessive and everything! He shook his head and watched as the children played in the river , trying to catch fleeting tadpoles while a black haired Arienaï sat near a treen scribling signs in the dirt while watching the others play. He remembered a time when he was like that child. He hadn’t had many children friends when he was young. During the Rimnaran he had always been chosen as the youngest of the tribe. On his 3rd Rimnaran they had decided to find another tribe. By the time there where more children , he was to old to play with any of them. He picked a stone and threw it in the water. Watching the ripples silently. Raising his knees he reflected on his feelings and fell deep in though. *** When he came back to reality it was dark. A beautifull atmosphere reigned on the pond. Fireflies skimmed it’s surface as the moon seemed like it was playing with the ripples in the water. The cool night breeze blew his white hair and he smelled it’s fresh aroma. He had always been a romantic at heart. This night , that he had not realized had crept on him was absolutly the most beautifull he had ever witnessed in his adolescent life. He heard the sounds of Arienaï love making to his right side. The sleeping tents and the tents in which some where participating in “activities” had been placed strategically apart from each other. Dorone sighed saddly. Another night , alone in his tent. but he smilled slightly .... He thought as he crept towards his hederahoi’s tent and opened it slightly. He wasn’t there. Dorone sighed again even more misrable this time. He couldnt, bare another night spent alone. He mused about different things. He might ask one of the other Arienaï for his release. His cheeks turned a light pink red. He was slightly embaressed about it. Him ! An Arienaï ! Embaressed about having sex ! What was the world comming too? ...But.....He would be even more embaressed if he woke up with a mess to clean up again. If his hederahoi found out that he was still having those kinds of dreams and not doing anything about them, he would shurly be angry that his pupil hadn’t taken any inissiatives. Cunnin always found out , somehow he just did ! He remembered something about the moon elves that his bed mate had told him about. If they where anywhere near as romantic as his senseï had told him they where maybe one would gladly follow him near the pond and make love with him. He grinned leacherously and started to walk towards Undlam. The moon elves where located , if he remembered correctly , mostly in the eastern parts of Undlam. As he walked around he felt many eyes on him. A white haired Arienaï wouldn’t simply walk around the city for no particular reason. He felt very nervous as the city people looked at him. Then he spotted his good friend Colonial , chatting with another moon elf. When Colonial spotted the White haried Arienaï he excused himself and ran towards him. “Dorone !” He quickly came to greet the young Arienaï , he stoped when he heard his name. The lanterns that hung around the street gave a strange yet comforting glow as the enchanting moon elf steped into the light that Dorone was under. The effect of silver shinning agaisnt the beautifull stary sky with a warm lantern glowing above him was mesmeriizing and captured the young adolescent. “I have just heard word of what happened. Are you all right ?” The moon elf talked in his own native language. Dorone noded , still enchanted by the moon elf’s grace.... “Why are you out here all alone ?” “I haven’t had a mate for quite some time and I’m looking for one. “ Dorone admitted unshamfully. The moon elf blushed. Which was very funny to see , moon elves tend to have pale white skin. “Is that why” He asked hesitently. Not sure if the questions he was asking would offend him. “Partially yes....” Dorone paused. “I should of gone with you. If I had done that , things would of been much more perfect.” Colonial blushed even reder. Dorone mentally reminded himself that other humanoids had taboos about sexual matters and being very open and graphic about it made them uncomfortable. Dorone brushed a strand of his white hair out of his face in what he hoped was a seductive gesture. The moon elf’s cheeks where still red and he guessed it had worked. “Would you give me ...another chance ?” Dorone extended his hand to the black haired elf who shylly and blankly looked at it. Dorone almost laughed out loud. The moon elf looked like he was about to faint with delight yet didn’t take his hand. Instead he spoke. “...Yes. but....can I speak with you a moment before we anything ?” Colonial looked as if he would collapse in embaressment / excitment. Dorone chuckled mentally. He motioned for Colonial to follow him. *** They walked silently to the pond. Actually he had thought that the moon elf would of backed out of his offer by now. He sat on the rock he had been thinking on that afternoon and motioned the dark haired elf to sit next to him. “What did you want to talk to me about ?” Dorone sighed and shifted aroudn. He was really aroused , yet he couldn’t do anything about his sexual frustration until Colonial tunrned him either into a male or a female. The elf sat next to him. He could tell he was uncomfortable with something but eager to acutally start. “Ummm....I.. Umm.....” He blabbered. “It’s all right to be open with us Arienaï” He assured him in elvish. “ We don’t mind anything fetish or kinky and keep ou secrets with us to the grave.” Which was true. He had learned to discipline himelf with Cunnin’s help. “I...Uh ... I ...I like men...” As soon as he had said it , the elf seemed to want to dissapear or die on the spot. Dorone hummed softly and tunrned to face the bishonen elf that was before him. He had been told of this kind of situation by Cunnin. Some humanoids prefered the same sex. It was rare....aslo very rare for an Arienaï to find one and even rarer to find and elf one. They generally are very shy about their sexuality. “I am honored that you have confided in me this knowledge.” And he was very honored indeed. His first time with another species would be even more special and romantic than he had ever dreamed. Not only it would be with a moon elf , but with a fay one. His eyes misted as he fondly placed a hand on the elf’s cheek and gentilly kissed him on the lips. Softly and gentilly , like the pale moon behind them. ______________________ *Hoseki Ryo no Sei Translates (from Japanese) to: Jewel of both genders. HEHEH !!!!!! Now on to the next chapter to see what happens with Dorone and Colonial. What do you think about my ArienaÏ now ??????!!!!!!! Still wierd ?...Hmmm...