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Road to the magic guild

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Road to the magic guild By; Kawaii_bat Before you start reading this.... remember that all these characters and races and things I invented myself are mine and are copyrighted by me also. And I can prove it so ): P don’t try anything wierd. If you want me to post a fanfiction on one of your sites ask me. I’ll actually be very glad and happy to post one on your site. _________________________________ First nights really alone CHAPTER 1 of : Road to the magic guild EVERYONE BE WARNED: HENTAI ALERT Hentai: Sex , intercourse women / Man making babies or genderless creatures shapechanging and going at it ! Well...... yeah just so you know . ______ Dorone woke up. His breathing labored , his body draped in sweat , worse yet , he had turned into a male and it was evident he had released during his dream. Dorone moaned ashamed. He opened a candle and methodically wiped himself with a hankercheif he found amid his belongings. This was the 3rd time he had had those kinds of dreams , near a human village no less ! He admited it to himself that he had known this day was comming. Had been comming a very long time ago. His chosen hederahoi had told him it was. Cunnin was particularly accurate in these matters. He could tell exactly , to the month , when an Arienaï would come of age. So accurate was he that many other Hederahoi asked him when their pupils would come to turmes. Dorone shoved his bed sheets around and exit his tent. He softly stepped out. The breeze softly blew on his naked snow white skin. The moon shinning on his silver white hair. He touched his jewel in the cleft of his throat before he brushed his hand on his bed mates’ tent. He thought , his body disagreed. When he realized he couldn’t revert back into his sexless Arienaï body. His arousel could not be prevented and he had to do something about it before someone saw him in need . Their taboos forbade an Arienaï from masterbating. It was a shame to yourself to give yourself pleasure instead of seeking for a bed partner and thus by masturbating you loose a chance to produce a baby. He entered his teacher’s tent. Sound asleep and breathing shalowly. Dorone laid down near his Senseï and stroked his beautifull cheek gentilly and lovingly. He applied a little more pressure as he passed his hand near the base of his three ears. Wise green eyes softly opened and sleeply looked up into his own inexperienced blue ones. “Am I not the one that is ought to teach you these things ?. Cunnin closed his eyes , yawned and streatched a little before openeing his green eyes again. Dorone still stroked his Hederahoi’s jaw line. “Perhaps ... and perhaps not.” The white haired Arienaï bent down and gentilly bit Cunnin’s lower ear. “Hey ! Hey ! Slow down.” Cunnin placed his hand on Dorone’s shouulders and pushed him gentilly off. “You’re pretty pushy tonight.” The gray haired hederahoi stretched languidly and sat up looking at his student. “I don’t remember ever teaching you that...” he said questionningly. Dorone nodded “I’ve been of age for ... a couples of days now. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” Dorone shamefully looked aside. Blushing brightly. “It is all right unless ...... that’s where you learned this isn’t it ?” cunnin had figured it out. That was one the things that fascinated Dorone about his hederahoi. His seemingly telepathic abilities , to know things you hadn’t directly tell him. Actually , the only reason he had Cunnin as his hederahoi was because his mother/father/parent had actually ‘reserved’ him just for him when he came close to ‘the age’. Cunnin had agreed because he felt that he had potential. He had felt so flattered when he heard that. Cunnin was very experience yet only 135 years old. Which wasn’t very old for a very experienced Arienaï to become a Hederahoi. “Well.. At least you have tought me a better way to wake someone up other then to shake them. I should think that we could advance to the second lesson , which by the way you have actually started. Cunnin gently scratched the base of his left ear. Dorone smirked. Cunnin chuckled slightly. The gray haired Arienaï took the bed sheets off of himself. As usual he was in the nude. Dorone could guess what was comming next. He added mentally. Reversing a line his bed mate had actually phrased a couple of days before. <...but you won’t have such luck with other humanoids.> “Remember....” Cunnin started , Dorone recited the subject out load and unnin chuckled again. “...Since you are already male and aroused....sort of....let’s go over preparing females.” His gray haired teacher then touched the jewel in his color bone and the white haired Arienaï watched as his hederahoi changed forms. From sexless to female then seductivelly lay down for his pupil to start. “Let’s pretend I am now a female human.” Cunnin grabed the corner of the bed sheet. “Treat me as you should a ‘normal’ one. Dorone rememberd that most ‘normal’ female humans (save for the ones who stayed near pubs) where fairly shy. His master covered himself and acted as if uncertain. It was difficult for him to act serious when his Senseï was in this position , acting afraid was so funny to watch. He clreared his mind and acted serious. Placing his hand very gently on Cunnins’ cheek he smiled warmly and seductivelly , eyes half lidded. “Don’t be afraid I won’t hurt you...” he spoke softly and in what he thought was a romantic and passionate voice. “Please be gentle...” Dorone fell down and burst out laughing. Cunnin did not look happy. And sighed obviouslkly dissapointed his pupil did not take this seriously. “Anyways...he paused.”... I think we shall leave this part for another time or you’ll wake everyone else.” He sat up and tried to calm his pupil down. His laughter died out after a while and he collected the tear that was forming in the corner of his right eye. “Sorry. I just couldn’t take you seriously there.” “Let’s try a Kessen.” His master flipped onto into a crouching kneeling position on his knees . Parting his legs, brushing a strand of his long gray hair from his eyes before placing his arms flat on the ground and the raising his hindquarters. Dorone thought to himself. A corner of his lip slightly tuggin up into a smirk. “Are you comming or not ?” His bed mate asked looking over his shoulder a bit before looking back in front of him and then down at the floor. Dorone set out work. He imagined that his bed teacher had a tail and gentilly patted it’s base. Brushing with what should be the fur at the base of it. Gently he bent down and nibbled at it’s base lapping his tongue on his master’s tail bone nub. He then nibbled his way up to the middle of Cunnin’s back before softly rubbing his fore arms on the inside of his masters thighs. Still nibling and working his way upwards he moved closer. His lover arched his hindquarters a little higher and giving a traditional purr. A mark that a kessen was enjoying the misnistrations. He then prudently and slowly dragged his forarms away from the inside of his partner’s thighs, keeping the forearms in contact with the calves and sides of the body , he tried to place them in an animal lock that the kessen usually prefered while mating. Dorone had meanwhile slighttly climbed on top of his lover. He must of gone to fast , Cunnin was slightly growling , Dorone slightly lifted his hindquarter and rubbed the undersides of his elbows on his Hederahoi’s calves until the growling had ceased. He nibbled his way up to his lovers neck where he gentilly licked before nibbling on it. While doing so he lowered himself slowly , this time onto Cunnin’s body. His penis lightly tapping his teachers buttocks. The gray haired Arienaï , still posing as a Kessen , swayed his hips slightly to let him know that he was interested to continue. Dorone then slightly then slightly bit down onto his bed mates’ neck and felt the tip of his cock touch the warm wetness between Cunnin’s legs. He quickly bucked upwards. The motion caused Cunnin to yelp slightly. This was a warning buck. The white haired pupil bucked again , his penis in place he then bucked a third time. This time entering. The gray haired Hederahoi purred and bucked backwards at the same time. Dorone continued rocking slowly , entering his erection into Cunnin slowly. Kessen started animalistic , but the coupling afterwards was very gentle and passionate. Dorone sighed against his lovers skin and he held some of the skin in his mouth gentilly. he passed his toungue around sometimes letting his grip on his lovers neck loose to lick up to the base of his skull. He placed the gray strands aside to give him better licking access to Cunnin’s face. when he finnaly got to it. Cunnin looked over his shoulder and they both licked each other’s lips while Dorone kept the tempo of their rocking , stable. he started to buck faster as he felt Cunnin pushing back enticingly. Resumming his attention on the back of his bed mates’ neck , he nibbled , bit and licked the same place as he went faster and faster. His Penis slick and wet with Cunnin’s female entrance made it easier to slide in and out. He pushed harder and held his mate by his sides as his tempo increased his pleasure and he felt his climax approaching. Cunnin’s elbows trembled as he tried to stay upwards but his shoulders sagged as he came. The sudden clenching of Cunnin on himself sent Dorone over the edge and he climaxed also. Spurting semen inside his Hederahoi and falling over him. His erection softened slightly and he slowly pulled out. Rolling to his side he licked his bed mate on the nose and sighed. “So ? how was I ?” The white haired Arienaï asked curiously. Cunnin’s breathing slowed down a little and he spoke. “C+” “C+ !!? Dorone exclaimed. “Why not a B or even an B+ !?” Cunnin sighed and lay down collecting his bed sheets. “The most important thing about Kessen pairing: Do not fall on you partner when the deeds’ done. It’s uncomfortable to have a male pinning you chest and smushing you into the ground after you’ve just had the equivalent of running a good distance.” Dorone scolded himself mentally. “Go to sleep.” Cunnin lay down on one side of the mattress. “We have many more things to cover up tomorrow.” The white haired youth cuddled up to his Hederahoi’s side and looked forward to the next few days of training before he could finnaly sleep with another race other then his own. ***** *Wierd isn’t it ? @_@ Tell me what you think of shape changing sex lustfull beings ! at :