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Couldn't find Shculdig so Schuldich was the only one I put.

The name of Schuldich creates a happy, versatile, and expressive nature, with good business judgment and a fine sense of responsibility, which should enable you to establish congenial relationships in positions of trust where you are dealing with the public. You have a clever, quick mind, with the ability to accomplish a great deal in a short period of time, although it is not easy for you to systematize your efforts. This name could allow expression along musical and artistic lines and gives you the desire to entertain and to meet and mix with people of refinement and culture. It also brings out your love of home and family, and in close association you are able to show understanding and affection. Others are attracted by your generosity and your consideration of their interests. Although this name is well balanced, if it is combined with a surname that is not harmonious, you would tend to worry and find it difficult to organize your efforts.

Schulich means Guilt in german

It's pronnounced Sh-ul-dre-k

Not : Sh-ku-l-dig

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