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The Hentai Yaoi section

Very important Do not enter here if you are younger the 17 years old and or know the meaning of these words.

Hentai: Perverted. The fanfiction with a hentai rating on them are lemon / lime and nc-17 or R Do not enter if you are under aged.

Yaoi: MaleXMale relationships. If you are discusted by this , do not read any fics with Shonen ai writin near them and or Yaoi , lemon/lime.

IMPORTANT !!!! The section called Anthropomorphic/interspecies is there because most of my characters and or some of my fanfictions might involve couples that aren'T necessarilly from the sma species and or might look more animal than humanoid. Be warned.

Thank you for your time

(Do not flame me you where warned)


Bats dont land on their feet they fly ( A FF7 Vinny and Cloud fic)