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Naoe Nagi

Meaning of the name: Nagi

Age: 15

Birthday: ???

Nationality: Japanese (with the school uniforme and everything!)

Bloodtype: ???

Mighty power: He's Telekenetic ( Basically what it means is that he can move push/pull/make float or brake things with his mind and thoughts. He's the most psychic member of Shwarz *sugoi*)

Image flower(if he had any): Tall Larkspur

Code name: ____

Nick names: Nagin , (I call him :Chibi)

Trademarks: Umm...His Japanese school uniform ?

Group: Shwarz

Weapon: His mind *grins*

Opponent: Omi.html

Seiyuu: Sasaki Nozomu (Yusuke - Yu Yu Hakusho [Nagi doesn't sound anything like Yusuke], Chihaya-Earthian

Info: I'm not sure exactly what happened in Nagi's past. But people had always been mean to him and I think he was left alone a lot, maybe because of his power. I have a theory of my own! (*giggles*) Wanna see?

Basic Personality: Nagi's had quite a bit of pain in his life and that reflects through his personality in the form of hate. Nagi seems to be only semi-solid. Also, Nagi is pretty young and impressionable which may be why Crawford is able to convince him so easily in certain things. But he's not exactly naive.

Nagi as seen in the anime

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