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Here ye here ye. Soon there will be songs here instead of real player movies (which I still hope you imensly like !

To be able to play these movies you will need REALPLAYER. Which you can download off the internet (I'll find the site don't worry) it's also Zipped so use a winzip , stuffit expander etc... to unzip it


Window users: Download the file by pressing the left soide of you mouse save, it to your computer. Use winzip (or other) to decompresse it and then open realplayers (enjoy).

MAc user(I support mac keep using it) Keep the mouse pressed and save it wherever you want. Use stuffit expander to decompresse it and double clic on the file that you saved. Enjoy.


Weiß Kreuz
Aya's theme

This brought a tear to my eye actually when I heard it.

Saiyuki op/end movies

Saiyuki opening season 2

Saiyuki ending season 2


Warning YAoi Shuichi and Yuki romance.
Kissing and funny things happen at the end of this.