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Age: Fairly new , maybe a couples of months in the OAV

Hair: Green , sometimes even Silver Though I don't know why.

Messiah is a bio humano´d angelique being. Meaning he wasn't born a human and neither an angel. in fact he wasn't even "born". He was created by Dr Ashiya In a project that the US funded. They wanted to create the perfect fighting machine. The Dr succeeded. Yet as far as mad Scientists go , Messiah was released onto the world with the only purpous to destroy and listen to his creator . Even the US who funded his creation.

BUT ! As some of us know (maybe not) Duckling and many kinds of birds have this thing called "imprinting". In most birds , the first thing they see in life is registered in their memory as Mom. I take it that the first thing Messiah had seen was actually Chihaya and thus he follows and or listens to him. This is causing him problems with his programs. * Should he listen to his programe or the Instincs he was born *created* with ?

POWERS: Messiah has the power to control anything that needs or is connected with EM and or radio fields. Televisions , phones and even sattellites. He can also creat powerful EM pulses that totally screw up anything electrical (per se). His wings shine Silver and shoot sparks of blue electricity when he uses his powers.