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Meet the vampires of anime2

Well here is the 2nd part of Meet the vampires of anime , where "Some" Animes about Vampires are shown as well as their short sypnosis.

I might change the files' places and maybe put them in alphabetical order one day but not right now.


Strange Life pods land on earth revealing a race of aliens who need to drink the blood of other races and use the bodies as hosts to survive and reproduce.

Every effort is made to counter the aliens until a man named Osamu falls in love with one of them and vice versa. Originally the vampire sent to kill him Kimera refrains from killing him and a new tool is gained against the space vampires.

Vincent Valentine from F.F.VII

Yes I know not and Anime ! But he is a biologically engineered vampire and I just absolutly adore him ! (He's my favorite Bishonen/vampire ^-^)

A formal Turk , Vincent Valentine fell in love with Lucrecia an assistant scientist and wife to Hojo(your mad scientist type). The two Scientists where experimenting on an Alien virus called JENOVA who originaly whiped out the former superior race of the earth. (The ancients or Cetra).

Injecting her own child with the virus. Vincent tries to stop Hojo from continuing the experimentations on her child and on other humans but gets shot and killed in the process. During his "dead" state Hojo revives him and biologicaly changes him into a vampire , cuts and replaces his left arm with a metal one and locks Vincent in a coffin in the Shinra mansions' basement.

30 years later Cloud (main character in Final Fantasy 7) Finds him and frees' him. Now Vincent has a bone to pick with Hojo not to mention Lucrecia's virus infected biologically enhance insane son Sephiroth.

BIG TID BIT It's rumoured (and i seriously beleive it!) That Vincent's Sephiroth's father (Sephiroth being the BIG EVIL GOD wannabe bad guy in the game).

Three reasons:

Firstly Hojo's hair is black / Lucrecia's hair is brown and When Vincent was a Turk he had Gray hair. Who do you think is the father ?

Secondly Hojo's a little shrimp no higher then 5'3"- 4" Vincent on the other hand is 6' Sephiroth is 6'1" ! Who do you think is the father ?

Thrid: Hojo dedicated his whole entire life and sanity for the perfect hbeing (a God) i seriously doubt he would of used his own D.N.A When he could use the genes of an ELitest of the ELite of Turks (i.e Vincent.V)

Vampire Princess Miyu

Miyu the last vampire (a former human who bears a vampire curse trapped forever in a world of teenage angst)) Is the only thing keeping the Shinma , a race of demon gods , from butchering the human race. Motivated more by her hormones then her sence of justice.. She has at her side her servant and former ennemy a Shinma called Larva who is bonded to her.

Himiko a cynical , charlatan "medium" faced with a real life case of demonic case witnesses a battle between the Shinma and Miyu. She later runs into the childlike vampire princess many times after.