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Meet the vampires of anime !

Here is where you'll find information about the different Animes about vampire and some Game ones etc...

Their might be a non conformit vampire in here (A.K.A a biologically manipulated human) But most vampires here are either real ones (from occult stories) or Space vampires.

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Nightwalker Midnight detective

Half vampire detective Shido takes a job with Yayoi Matsunaga a beautiful investigator for a secret organization devoted to hunting down the evil "Nightbreeds" a race of demons feeding off humans.

His assistant Riho(shown in picture) who has a crush on him) thinks he's having an affair with the investigator Yayoi , but she's only paying him back with her own blood since she's the only one who can give it to him because somehow she is immune. Unfortunatly Riho doesn't know this.... actually she doesn't even know Shido is a vampire until latter on.

Shido has many worries in his life: Hidding his identity as a vampire , protecting the people he cares for , not only from the Nightbreeds but from the vampire who originaly created him (and who happens to want "his" Shido back)

Shido's choice weapon is a sword made out of his own blood (yes made out of his blood)

Gumi (shown in picture) Is his little bat , tinker bell fairy demony companion who accompanies him every where in his hat or his hair. She says she can shapeshift into anything she wants but that still is to be proven... ^-^ (I'm not telling) Though she shows abilities ot use magic to shield and lightning spells.

Vampire Hunter D

The year is 12090 and the world has been run by aristrocratic vampires for some time now. And now that their race is dying off and their powers are dimminishing. Vampire Hunters are hierd to kill them off.

But none of them is more legendary then the legendary half vampire D (Yes his name is : D !) Sworn to kill the rest of the vampire race , D travels the land serching for vampires to kill.

He is also in the posession of a sencient hand ! Yes ! His hand talks to him and bugs him and scolds him and nags him and etc.....

Their is also a game of Vampire hunterD ! Vampire hunter D was created by Yoshitaka Amano the character creater of All the final fantasy except for 7,8 and 10.

Vampire Hunter D

Inaho Hitemobore is just you 'normal' Crazy , money obsessed, rich , fanatic of the occult girl. During a magical experiment she ends up summoning a 1000 year old half-vampire who happens to have the "munchies".

After having killed him and reviving him with a drop of her own blood. Alucard Von Mosquiton , a live decendant of Dracula , and his two demon servants: Honoo and Yuki now are life bonded to her and have to listen to EVERYTHING she says. That includes becoming the History teacher of her school and not drinking any blood.

Later , crazy high school girl Inaho tries some more experimenting (which goes wrong again by the way) but discovers the existence of artifacts called the O'parts which connect the human world to another world inhabited by all the mythical monsters told in legends and tales. The parts are a kind of philosophers stonr , they can either grant eternal life or unlimited richness (gee I wonder which she picked) Thing is you have to find an O'part that fits with another O'part if you don't get the right parts together "insert ominous voice" Their will be great a judgment given to you !

Remember : You can never by life with money