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Main Characters

These are the main 4 Characters of my story. My 2 main characters are: Reuvin and Nyx Kuroihi My 2 main heriones are: Rumi Mei-ho and Raika I'll put Raika and Shilvas in the same image.

Nyx Kuroihi

Nyx Kuroihi

Birth day: October 4 rth

Height: 115 lbs

Weight: 6' 1"

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: Starts from white and as it goes down turns black.

Nyx is a 49 year old pacifist vampire witha split personnality. Of noble lineage on both sides of his parents. He's constently hunted by his other self (Takaligu) After having killed a little girl's parents Nyx adopts her temporarily trying to find her true adoptive parents and at the same time vure his double personnality. During this ordeal he meets with Shilvas the Yukiren and his tag along worshiper occult reasercher: Raika.