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Kohaishu Aru Ni Paratsu

Well here it is : my original Anime that I've been working on for almost half a year. I need to warn you though that if I see any of this stuff on other sites I'll kill you , torture you and I'll sew you for copywrite ^-^; But anyways....

SYPNOSIS: One does not know what he is , the other doesn't know where he belongs. -Reuvin a strange human like creature thing searches for answers of his origins , having suffered from amnesia he meets with a talented sorcered who itches to make new discoveries. -Nyx is a pacifist vampire and a devil with both of his parents of noble lineage one is queen of the 1st Vampire caln of the 3rd hell his father ruler of the 5th. Suffering from a double personnality , Nyx strives to find a cure to his dedoubling teaming up with a occult researcher ninja and her strange guradian cat like creatures.

How are these two related ? You'll have to find out by reading my Original story.

The main races that inhabit the Material world (Arienai and Matree hunters comming soon)

Kessenzoku ( The feline race)

Short stories while waiting for the big one

Tashi's story (A Kessenzoku tale))