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The Kessenzoku


Furry feline and canine ears , fluffy tail , patches of fur on the body and claws ar their main trates

There are 3 different kinds of Kessenzoku Neko , Inu and Kitsune ( Cats , Dogs and foxes) Cats and dogs are majority but kitsune's generally live longer. dogs tend to like fighting and easilly gets killed when a war starts up. Cats tend to follow a code similar to the Ninja being swift cunning and smart. The Kitsune have a great advantage they have an inherited shap shifting ability. The only way to distinguish one when transformed is from the lack of nails.


This race of felines consist of 3/4 female but that does not change the fact that the males are mostly seen. This is a matriachal race where the females gouvern the society. The males get more powerful status if they become 1st mates of the most important females and this is acheived via becoming a master of the arts of fighting.

THE ARTS -----


Of males: To attract females by becoming more powerful physicaly or becoming a master of one of the arts

of females; To give birth to the strongest pups of kits or whatever.