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The story

MAIN Along time ago at the edge of the world. There was a box in which all evil had been sealed. Alas it was opened by a women named Pandora....... But at last from the Box sprang hope.....At least that is how it should have been.....



EPISODES 15 years ago in the land of Storzend The evil ones (Mazoku) waged war. All seemed lost until queen Horn created a barrier in mwhich no evil being could live. The Mazoku in turn created their own evil barrier and it was called the Northern capital. (13 years ago a village called Ansem was attacked within the barrier. No one dared face the evil ones save for one person that person's name was Pandora) It was destroyed and only two survived Hameln , Pandora's son and Raiel his childhood friend. Having lost all of his memory about his mother father , everything . Hameln was adopted by Stacato village who's #1 rule is: No strangers even children.... 15 years later the barrier is destroyed and queen Horn does not have enough power to create another barrier. Now They must find and bring back the Queen's daughter Flute who lives in Stacato village totaly ignorant of her noble heritage. Hameln is asked to escort her to Storzend. The young violinist who has a horn growing out of his forest and the young Flute who jsu discovered she is a princess travel not only to save the world but to find out what Hameln really is......( I'm not spoiling ^-^)