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My Virtual Photo Album

Cho Hakkai

Age: 22

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Birthday: Sept. 21 Virgo

Eyes Color: Blue/Green

Hair Color: Brown Species: Youkai

Bloodtype: AB Hakkai looks like the most cheerful of the group, he mostly smiles and he has a cute little dragon called Hakuryu that can turn into a jeep when needed. 

Hakkai lost someone very close to him. (She was like a lover or a sister) She was rape by Chin Isou. She killed herself after, right in front of Hakkai. Hakkai leaves his past a secret he  doesn't share his feelings to much. Him and Gojyo are really great friends.

Cho Hakkai original name was Cho Gonou. He  hide's feeling and thoughts with a smile. 

He has a Youryoku Limiter , it's the silver jewel's on his ear.

His weapons are Chi techniques and a smile." He cannot really see from his right eye.