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Sha Gojyo

Name: Sha Gojyo

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 75  kg

Birth: November 9

Age: 22

Eyes and Hair: Red

From the manga: A lech water demon wild at first sight, he's really more of a big-brother type. He badmouths at Goku, is best friends with Hakkai and cannot stand Sanzo. He likes women but he's occasionally hurt by them. While on this journey, he also seems to be looking for someone...He doesn not wear a limiter and is alsmost indistinguishable from a normal human.

His weapon is the Shoka jou , a blade swung from a chaine on a staff, but he knows various kinds of combat. Specialises in hand to hand combat.

A heavy smoker, his weakness for the fairer sex has earned him the nickname "Kappa."