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Meaning of name: Farfello/Jei


Birthdate: ??š

Blood type: (I don't wanna know)

Mighty power: Cannot feel pain+ Insano

Image flower (if he had one)The Incurve Cactus Dahlia

Code name: Beserker

Nick name: Farfie


Groups: Shwarz

Weapons: an Ice picky looking thing (extendable pointy thingy) and an assortment of knives.

Opponents: Ken Hidaka

Seiyuu: Nakao Ryuusei

Info: He led a very Christian young life in Irland until he killed his parents and his younger sister. Then later he killed this ex-teacher. I don't know much about him.... Send me info if you find more stuff like Birthdate and other things.

Picture of him in the anime

Differences between manga and anime: Umm...He has red hair in the manga and silver hair in the anime...that's about all I know about their differences. They are both insane so I don't hink they have personnalitity differences....

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