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the cancer is the sign of dreams of sensitivity , of gentilness and calmness , imagination and very good memory. He fixates himself to one idea, one memory , things that happened in the past, to preserve and to be able to move towards the future , which may not be the most healthy path to take.


Days: From the 22 of June to the 23rd of July.

Season: Summer

Element: Water

Masters: The moon (Artimese goddesse of the hunt)

Clours: Egg white (pale skin colour white) and Yellow.

His metal: Silver. His stones: The pearl , opale

Opposite sign: Capricorne

Anatomical corresondance: Chest , and digestive organs

Words: Tenderness, receptivity, sensitivity , exhaltation of the senses, fecondation , gestation , dreamons , imagination, creativity , conservaty.

Importance as a symbole: The cancerhas an analogy to the moon card of the Tarot. It is heavilly related to the moon , changes and measurments. the Cancer being a crab is also used in our every day speach patterns.

"Man you're soooo Crabby " (*sniquer*)

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