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Bats don't land on their feet , they fly.

Bats don't land on their feet , they fly free.

By: Kawaii_bat

Rated: NC17 For language and sexual content
Final Fantasy VII is copywrited to squaresoft.

Vincent Valentine's name is changed to Cat Valentine. *Warning ! Keikoku ! Keikoku! Aooga !Aooga ! Yaoi alert ! Yaoi Alert ! Much Shonen Ai and sapinesse and SEX (we like the sex don't we ?)
Ah ! But you guy don't care........If you have problems with maleXmale relationships I advise you don't read this fic.
**This fic is best read in a dark room with only the screen as the source of light. You should be relax and maybe burn some incense
(I recommend Jasmine or Lilac)To get the best (mood) that is.
I'm typing it right now in those conditions.... Sigh insperations .......


Cat sighed and coughed a little. The clubs he frequented always had to much smoke for his liking but it was the best place to do his job.(1) He drumed his fingers on the counter and playfully swished the contents of a small glass around with his right hand. These past few days had been slow. He sighed again and stared at the neon lights and the people on the dance floor to the strange funky music. He grinned pushing a raven black band of hair out of his face and tucking it behind his ear.

380 years of evolution had produced this culture. He chuckled. He'd seen it evolve , seen the way people viewed him and in time their opinions changed. How old was he again ? 447 years old. That sounded just about right. No one knew of course , who'd want to screw with a 400 year old ? 259 years of just being alive + 188 years of sleeping in a coffin. Yep that's pretty much his life.

This was his life now.

He droped change on the counter and stood up and advanced to the dance square. His leather pants fitting him like a second skin and the black top defining his skinny but still firm body. The bang he tucked around was tickling his ear as he walked and so Cat tucked it in his red bandana. This was no ordinary Club. He worked here at during certain nights. Normally when his boss told him to but he wasn't exactly fond of it but their was this guy...

Cat swayed graciously to the sound of the music. Beat to beat he danced like a feline prepering to pounce on it's pray like red silk blanket swaying in a cool midnight breeze he danced and it had the effect Cat wanted it to have. Some of the clubers tunred and gazed at him. He smiled and chuckled he knew he could hear everyones heart beats when he closed his eyes dulling some of his sences like sight and taste. He could hear their breaths he could sense the vibration of people dancing on the dance floor and which of them where the most experienced and the newbies. He sniffed the air calmly most of it smelled like cigarette but their where hormones , male , female , sweat , exitment , sorrow. He slowly opened his red eyes to be met by one of his best customer's

"Hi Cat. " The man was in his 20s. By the smell of him cat guessed around 23. Brown hair , 5'7" grayish green eyes. The first time he ha dmet this man he trully didn't know why he'd hired him in the first place. He was a good looking , handsome guy , he didn't smell of alcohol at all and no drugs littered his blood.

The young man cupped Cats' face and kissed him gently on his lips.
Cat was used to this kind of thing and parted their kiss to lick at the other's lips the way the other liked it.

"Hi Leto." Cat smiled brightly feline eyes half closed. He placed an arm around Leto's shoulder and hung their for a moment.

"You busy ?" The yonger man placed his forehead on Cat's disturbing the bandanna a little , brushing his raven hair.

"Nope. Businesse is slow these days." Cat purred he walked slowly to the secluded part of the club. The place reserved for his job.

"How can the most popular , beautiful , charming , prostitute in all Junon not get laid for a day ?"

Leto pushed the door that lead to an other hall. A red velvet carpet was dorning the corridor's floor , the light that was present was very light and served to enhance "the mood" which was present in usually everyone who came to this part of the club. This place and the club where actually two different shops the club mostly served to bring in the customers.

"Hmm...well I don't know how popular , but I don't work here everyday you know." He let go of Leto and opened one of the doors in the hall with a key he produced.

"Oh no ?" Leto chuckled "To where do you go when you're not working here ?"

They entered the room and Cat flicked a light switch on. The light was still very dim and cat seductivally laid on the double sized bed. The sheets smelled sex free and clean. Good because he hated working in an already used bed. His proximet Charles had taken his advice and employed a maid. A slight persentage of his salary had been taken but Cat attracted so many customers it didn't really matter and Charles didn't want to lose him anyways.

Cat chuckled and laid down on the bed. " I work at a forge. I make guns."
He spread down on the bed and placed his arms ofver his head seductively. The blue sheets of the bed slightly moved and contoured his body.

Leto closed the door behind him and locked it. He steped closer to the bed and leaned over Cat. He light kissed the raven haired man's neck.
"Who would of thought such a pretty thing making such dangerous toys ?"

Cat smiled " You want the usual or do you want me to make things interesting ?" (2)Cat grin ferily. Leto always liked interesting sex.

"Hmm...Don't know. Will it cost me extra ?" Leto traced a finger down Cat's colarbone. He received a nod. Leto chuckled. "The usual 1000 gil , hein ?" Cat nodded again.

Cat moved a little under Leto his leather pants starting to suffacate him.
"Maybe I should start a deal with you. Since you're my best costumer: Buy 5 get one free ! ......" They both chuckled.

"Then you owe me 7. I have used your "services" 34 times excluding this one."

"...Starting today." Cat licked Leto's nose again. And grinned.

"Oh." Leto got off of Cat , rolled and laid his back on the bed. "Then we best start now hmm?"

"You counted all our nights?"
Cat playfully lapped Leto's neck and purred. But not just any purr. Cat was famous for his feline (and other)impersanations. He could produce many sounds which served his job very well. Cat beggan to undresse , seductivelly striping for his partner , and as usual Leto asked about the bandage like bracelet he wore on his left arm's elbow , the which he never took off while getting laid.

"We've been through this enough times , you know I won't tell you."

Cat was gratefull that he just dropped it and got down to business. And as promissed he made things "very" interesting.
They made love that night. Like last time. Not the brutal thing he did with his other customers.

It was a sign.

(1) to much WeiB Kreuz Fanfiction (hihi I like Youhji you can tell ^-^)

(2) I'll give you a hint: Purrrrrrrrfect. Nyaa..... ^-^ Try and Guess why I called Vincent : Cat ?