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Aya Fujimiya

Real name: Fujimiya Ran

Meaning of name: Ran/Aya/Fujimiya

Age: 20

Birthday: July 4 Cancer

Nationality: Japanese

Blood type: ?

Image flower: White Rose

Code name:Abyssinian

Nickname: Aya-kun p>Trademarks: Ugly orange shirt, Earing on left ear. "Takatori Shi-ne!!!!!"

Group: Weiß

Weapon: Katana

Opponent: Brad Crawford , Takatori

Seiyuu: Koyasu Takehito

Info: His parents where killed and his sister hit by a car by the same man who killed his parents. Ran took his sister's name and became a Weiß assassin , hoping that one day he'll be able to exact his revenge on Takatori. His sister lying comatosed in a hospital , the money he makes in Weiß goes to her hospital bill.

(Luckilly here in Canada the hospital is free ^_^ ; He should come live here.)

Personnality; Well...before he was just a normal waiter kid. Now he's an antisosciable , leader figure. he doesn't really talk much and keeps to himself.

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