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The Arienaļ

Arienai are a peaceful race of sexless beings. Rather than having both genders they have none , they gain a sexuality depending on the preferences of their partners. Almost all other humanoids consider the Arienaļ as a neutral race and usually don't force or provoque them because they are so open minded. (that is until 113 elvish reckoning) when some demons thought they could own the Arienaļ race for themselves. After this massacre this races, inhabitance live in secluded small but robust groups and move to humanoid habitated places to produce their young.

An Arienai's hair colour pretty much describes the power of it's libido. AThe lighter the colour the stronger it gets.

JEWEL OF BOTH GENDERS (Hoseki no Ryoho nosei)

The Hoseki no Ryoho nosei or Jewel of both genders is what controls their sexual changes they come in different colours marking it as a HE or a SHE. The Pale and calm colours are shes and the Dark strong colours are hes.


When an Arienaļ has the equivalent of 4 rings of fertility the Arienaļ becomes part of the consult. The consult is the gouvernment of the species and also a kind of sage-woman. They give information to the others about "things" and deliver babies. The more rings the wiser and the more reguard the others have towards that Arienaļ.


The rings represent how many children of which race they have had the numbers near each colour represent the rings of fertility the Green, Blue and Red are not worth full rings. You must have 2 childs with a human to equal one ring of fertility and 4 childs with a halfling to be able to hav one as well. Of course the Arienaļ will try and mate with the species that is the most rarest and that will get them more fertility rings.


Arienai always wear a similar kind of belt that comes in different colours depending on their mating status.