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The S The English translation of the Book of Noga has a footnote explaining that the supreme Nogan God's name was indecipherable, but "The S" was the closest they could get. It still makes no sense to me. Anyway, this is the guy responsible for making Noga a mythology. He chronicled events even before his appearance on Forbacks in a book called Book of Noga, saved the island, and was hailed as a god. The S created the TrulÚs, invented a weapon shaped similar to our modern-day spork, and even discovered how to turn milk into cheese (and apparently, vice versa)! As rewards for his services, he was given money, a home, and a medal. Then, shortly after he turned twenty-one, he was offered the hand of the beautiful princess Minerva. After he resurrected her father, he was awarded the entire island! Sadly, however, he was killed by a mysterious assassin.

Toishi (Toh-ee-shee) The wise old man who trained Clyde the Hero and Jerome. He died mysteriously, and that's what fueled the young Clyde and Jerome into fighting for a cause. It is said he was a shapeshifter, and his true form was a giant purple bug.

Tonisi (Toh-nee-see) The mole TrulÚ. He scouted the underground depths and created trenches for his fellow TrulÚs to hide in. He fired an intense heat beam from his nonexsistant eyes called "Blind Sight", his Guardian Attack