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Sahrj (Sahrz) The Nogan equivalent to a pentagram. The Sahrj was embroidered on the clothes of corrupt peoples. The Sahrj symbol is two black rings linked side-by-side with two spikes sticking vertically out the middle of them.

Sen Liam (Sen Lem)A Nogan phrase meaning "Death Becomes Us." It is used multiple times throughout the Book of Noga, sometimes for no apparent reason.

Strabaris (Strah-bahr-is) A large creature that looks like a anthropomorphic wolf. He found Curley lying unconscious outside Heahben City, and raised him as if he were his own, teaching him to fend for himself. Strabaris died of old age the day Curley met The S. Strabaris is the true name for the beast, but he is referred to as twelve or so other names throughout the Book of Noga.