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Cerbuncle (Sir-buhn-kohl) A small, rabbit-like creature that served as Curley's messenger. A peace-loving animal, Cerbuncle enjoyed playing with the children.

Clyde, The Hero (Klhide) Toishi's top student, and the one who helped General Shere defeat the Romans. He was King Coulagemo's great uncle.

Coulagemo (Koo-lahzh-moh) The King of Forbacks. He was killed by the mysterious assassin at his daughter's wedding, but The S resurrected him as a lion Trulé. He then went to live with his wife Allayah when he gave the island to The S and Minerva, and was scarcely seen again. His Guardian Attack is "Former King", in which he doubles up his front paws and punches with an energy blast.

Curley (Kuhr-lee) Found abandoned outside Heahben City as a baby, he was raised by Strabaris. As he grew older, he befriended The S, and became like a brother to him. They fought together in various battles, including the Pantheon War. He took over the island at his friend's request as he spoke his last words.