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When every man believes he is God...who will be Satan?

-"Now I lay me down to sleep...blah blah blah my sould to keep...and if I die before I wake...I'll go to hell for heaven's sake."-

-[Dark clouds plague the sky as we ready ourselves for what looks to be heavy rainfall. It is late in the evening…and the dim light still being emitted from the sun is beginning to fade. Darkness is on it’s way to this calm little lake side area that we are set up in. Benches and trash cans litter the grounds as we pan around, looking for whomever called us down here in the first place. We’ve been given this much information…he has just recently signed with Insane Fantasy Wrestling…and he has been booked this week at Wicked. So now that we’ve established that we are looking for a competitor…we begin search with what little light we have left…until suddenly we are nearly blinded by a piercing light shone just a few feet away. It looks as the there is a figure holding a flash light…and he lets up and moves the beam to right under his chin, revealing his face. He signals for us to follow him, and we listen as we Follow his footsteps down this small, dusty road that circles the entire body of water. As he rounds a small bend we notice him periodically glancing down to the water…and then…he stops. He seems to have spotted something, and he shines the light on the water’s edge, as the coast of the lake. We can see a rather large cross buried in the sand beneath the water. He kneels down and looks to be inspecting this silver cross…although…without touching it. Finally he stands back up and gives the camera cold glare before speaking.]-

Dante Kyllen: it's still here.

-[He looks down at the cross and we pan over to it and zoom in. The cross seems to have gained an awful lot of layers of muck and grime ever since it was put there, or so we assume. We continue to stare at this dirty cross in the silence of the night, before the silence is broken by none other than Dante’s voice.]-

Dante Kyllen: Ahem…I’m up here.

-[Quickly we move the camera back up and re-focus on Dante’s face.]-

Dante Kyllen: Now I’m sure you noticed this “cross” I have placed in the sand…am I right? Any and all of you Christians will dash to the closest symbol of their savior. Not as if there is anything wrong with such a thing. At least you are believing in something. You have a God. You have a Savior. What’s not to love? Yes…I remember when I was like all of you. I can remember having that exact instinct to praise my savior for sacrificing himself for my race. They are in my mind and I remember them vividly. But the fact of the matter is…those days are long gone. Why, you ask? Ah…quite a simple question to be asking…but I assure you…those that believe strongly in what they’ve been taught…for example, those that follow a God or even “The Hen” for that matter may be offended…I am ready for this. But as of this moment…just open your ears and hear me out…for I have much to say.

-[He kneels down and snatches the cross from the bowels of the entrapping sands and then tightly grips it with a balled up fist before continuing.]-

Dante Kyllen: This is the spot. I was standing on this exact plot of land…not too long ago in fact. Just a weeks ago, to be precise. I had my feet planted here, staring off into the dark of night, and into the rippling waters of this massive lake. I use to enjoy such moments. They would draw me to this area most every night of my life. I had time to think….to relax….but most of all….to get away from the every day bustle of my past way of living. Getting home from work, I would often look forward to such moments. This is what my nights persisted of…and yes…I know what you are thinking. It’s exactly what I have looming in my head as of this moment. “Wow…that’s pretty pathetic, living for a dark lake.” You people are not alone. But like I said…those days are now in the past. Because one faithful night…as I sat on the ground, just beholding what I thought was the “beauty” of this here lake…something happened to me. It was not an “every day outing” for me that night….oh no…it was MUCH, MUCH different. Things got a little hectic…and…weird…to say the least. You might even venture as far as to say they were of “demonic proportions”. Because when that strange feeling came over me…I’d surely go with the latter choice. That feeling that took my body over was that of what would come to be my new way of living, the feeling that I feel every day and night, and that I am feeling right this second…and will continue to feel. What feeling am I talking about? That of an innate spirit inhabiting my once pure and cleansed body. One that had the word “evil” written all over it. It was something that I had never felt before, but would soon come to love. My life was taking a new, sick twist right before my eyes...and I was about to experience the single greatest feeling I had ever felt in my entire life leading up till then.

As the stench of evil permeated the air…I felt all alone. I had no clue what was happening to me. One thought crossed my mind as a lay down, with my hands tucked behind my head, was that I could be dying. Hah…far from it. Little did I know in my feeble mind state…that I was just about to experience just how to truly…”Live”. So in my frightened state, and being nearly paralyzed with fear, I just lay there, hoping for it all to go away, just like all my other problems would do when I visited this lake. I felt so alone and afraid…until…in what I thought to be the most terrifying voice ever emitted from a pair of lips, I heard a voice. I twitched my head, as any man would do, looking for the source and point of origin. I was unsuccessful. “Dante” it rang once again in my ears. Another thought that crossed my mind was “Am I losing it? Am I going crazy?”. I almost came to the conclusion that that was indeed the case…until the words spoken by those mysterious lips started to get more in depth. I soon came to realize what I was here for. It’s as though I had fallen under a trance of some sort, and was believing whatever the voice said or whatever popped into my head. The voice had revealed the person of which they were being emitted from…and he claimed that his name was none other than “Satan”. I believed it. That was the turning point. I still believe it. I tried to think differently, I tried to deny it…but the voices seemed to be coming straight from within the interior of my head. Any other thought I tried to manifest…that this was all just someone messing with me…soon turned into a belief for this new entity. “Satan” as he proclaimed himself to be…was barking orders and instructions. I didn’t know what he had chosen me for. I can remember thinking…

“Why me? God…did something go wrong? What have I done to deserve such torture?”

But my pleas were ignored. I was left to be mentally dismantled at the hands of “Satan”. Half of my brain was begging him to stop…and the other was beginning to give in. I didn’t know which way to go. And as the still “pure” side of my brain was being shut down by the man up stairs…the other was actually getting somewhere. It had already made plans of it’s own. The orders that were being pounded into it’s interior were already being planned. What else was left? While half of me was getting nowhere…the other was in it’s own world of “bliss”…that most would consider “hell”. That’s what drove me to unite the two and make sure I was 100% in this new “bliss”. Why should I stick with God when he was brushing off all my calls for help? Especially when I had a new element that was greeting me warmly…and practically begging me to become it’s slave. I had a new home. That was the moment that I realized…I was wearing this eternal cross for absolutely no reason. It had brought me no good. I had only hoped it would. The voiced beckoned me to rip it off the chain that hung comfortably around my neck…and I did so. It then proceeded to bury it into the sand in hopes that I could retract all that happened on that life changing night. To my surprise…it was still here…and I hold it in my hands as I speak….but not for long.

-[Dante releases his clutched fingers and we see the cross laying openly on his now blood stained palm. He takes a long, chilling look at it before throwing it with all his might out into the water. Just as soon as the cross lands in the water Dante begins to speak again.]-

Dante Kyllen: Call me crazy…but don’t mock my beliefs. That would be a waste of breath. Do you….

-[Before anything else can be said…Dante is cut off by a very familiar voice…the person that interrupted Dante steps out of the shadows not too far from where Kyllen is standing, by a pair of trees, and stands in the path of the beam shone from Dante’s flash light.]-

Jay Sin: Dude…are you done yet? They didn’t wanna hear your entire life story.

Dante Kyllen: I beg the differ…they need an explanation as to why I am the way I am.

Jay Sin: Just do what everyone is watching for…talk about your match and get it over with.

Dante Kyllen: I suppose that would be the right thing to do…seeing as I am wrestling my debut match this week.

Jay Sin: Good…now hurry up…it’s about to storm. I ain’t waiting around anymore for you for nothin’.

-[Suddenly a loud boom of thunder cracks through night air and Jay Sin jumps a little, as Dante just continues to stand around in his own eerie way. Not too long after…rain begins to seep through the wet clouds and fall to the ground where we are set up, pounding the heads of both men.]-

Jay Sin: See what I mean? It’s pouring. Hurry the fuck up.

-[Jay covers his head with his arms draped over top of it and begins to hustle back up the path to get out of the cold rain. We cut back to Kyllen…soaking it up as if he were taking a shower. His quickly snaps his head back in the direction of the camera, flinging even more rain drops from his stringy hair.]-

Dante Kyllen: Ah yes…just as I suspected…another “God” wannabe. When does it ever fail? Every man that ever swam in his father's sack has dreamed his entire life of becoming the being that he has been brought up to worship…that almighty leader of the human race…God himself. I mean…it’s no secret that God lives the life. He thrives on up in heaven for all of eternity…with his loving son at his right side as he sits atop his throne of the entire universe. Not to mention…he has 72 virgins that he can frisk to his very own leisure. Don’t get me wrong…I’d find such a life to be that of the most incredible luxury ever to be deemed a “way of living”…but the fact is…I can NEVER have it. No man can. No angel can. Only one person…God. Is this…”The Hen” that God? I’d go further than simply “doubting” it. Sure…being high on yourself is nothing new for your average man…but what kind of life are you living, Hen? Who would be proud of being a God of such a sees pool of psychical indulgence and egotistical human instinct? The people of this world shuffle around in their pointless lives…thinking that they will become “somebody” and aspiring to become “famous” people that actually help to make the world a better place. But the truth is…all they do is either crash and burn…or make a small, insignificant impact that does not slate itself in the annals of time. That exact definition that I just spouted out can be best described and made an example out of my opponent at “Wicked” Wednesday Night…The Hen. Where do you get off thinking such things? Claiming to be God…someone everyone loves, bows to and kisses his feet…yet it seems to me that everyone hates you. You are suppose to be the being on top of the world…which means this pretty little fed that you’ve dubbed your stomping grounds as you proclaim yourself it’s God. So correct me if I’m wrong…but wouldn’t God be getting all the good treatment around this dump? You’d have people worshiping the very ground you walk on…but you are being treated as an average Joe, which is exactly what you are.

Now I never claimed to be the devil…just the next best thing. Just so you know Hen…that was in retort to the obvious statement looming on the horizon…that was to be shoved forth by YOU…in reference as to “why would I claim that God gets bad treatment when Satan does as well?”. Good question you were GOING to bring up. Let me answer it. You see…whether I am the dark lord himself or not…people hate him. He is probably the single most despised creature to ever be prophesized…so why else would I be given horrid treatment? I have been handed the Devil’s due. Maybe people see me as him…I don’t know…and honestly…I don’t care. Sure…when you, Hen, claim to be the God of the IFW…it’s not like you are truly a God anyways…it’s just a self implied perception. Me? Am I Satan? No. I am merely a follower. A slave. A Knight…call it what you will. But surely not a wannabe like yourself. So therefore…I can be given the privilege of claiming to be the “Devil of the IFW” but not the prince of darkness himself. Get my drift? It’s so simplistic. We both play parts…the sides of good versus evil. The stage is the entire IFW. This is where we are to read lines, compete and clash, and try to impress the audience. I’m like the “Rent a villain” while you have been cast to try and stop me to please the people that love happy endings. But this time around…I burst all their bubbles and rain on their little “Good guy” parade when I silence the pretty boy that was suppose to come to everyone’s rescue. There will be no happy ending this time around…mark my words on that.

But there is one more man that has the exact train of thought as Hen and every other man. A so called IFW “Legend”…boy…they’re just throwin’ that name around and handing it to anyone these days. Here’s a guy who was in the running for the next entrée into the IFW Hall of fame…quite a prestigious title to have credited to your name….one that most anyone would literally kill for. But what happened to ol’ Winston Wolf the third? He was beaten in a land slide by many other much more worthy candidates…he didn’t even stand a chance in the first place. If memory serves…and it does…he even went as far as to come in DEAD LAST. Boy…quite an accomplishment. Who’s next on that list of upcoming and soon to be legends? Since you’re handing them out in the front office…I think I’ll go ahead and take one of those badges and wear it with pride. It’d do me good seeing as I’m already going to garner more heat than an anti-American or a gangsta rapper…just for my belief system. That kind of thing under my belt would do me wonders…and maybe it would get me into more meaningful matches. You see…I joined this business for one reason only…because there are no boundaries. The possibilities of brutality are endless…and there is absolutely ZERO authority to gnaw at my ankles to try and make me turn my services over to the law. I can do the Devil’s dirty work and not get heckled and chased after. You Winston Wolf will be the first to learn this fact first hand. The aforementioned hell that awaits you will be that of which you’ve never felt, experienced or endured in your meaningless career Wolf…that’s what I am trying to get across the table into your feeble mind right now. The question is…will you buy into it and give up? Let a “rookie” upstage you and steal your “thunder”? Yeah…sure I’m trying to get into your head….and whether I am succeeding or not…it doesn’t matter…because in the end…if you haven’t given up by then…I’ll just have to do things the hard way. I don’t need to call this a simple “trial run” because I know what I’m doing. I have guidance from the single most diabolical “myth” ever told…but only this time…it’s not a myth…it’s a reality…just like me. You will realize this Winston Wolf…soon enough.

-[Dante wipes the trickling rain nuggets off his face and then begins to head up the now soaked and muddy trail, heading after Jay Sin, as the scene fades out.]-

"Recipe for Hate" by Megadeth