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Things To be covered in this Lesson

This Lesson is brought to you by Melanie Black

History of Palmistry

It is unclear when exactly Palmistry started to be used by humans. However, we do know that guides to reading the hand in many ancient books such as the Bible and early semetic books. The noteable palmists were usually mediwizards. For example Hippocrates and Galen used palmistry to help cure poeple. However, other people besides mediwizards relied on palmistry as well, the wizard Julius Ceasar also used palmistry as a way to judge the credibility of his men.

The way palmists have read palms has changed throughout the years. Originally, it was believed that only your dominant hand (the one you write with) could be used for reading purposes. However, today most palmists believe that the non-dominant hand reflects where you have been (your genetics, past experiences)and your dominant hand reflects your what you are trying to change in your life.

Although,palimistry has changed over the years it is still a highly respected and frequently used portion of divination. In this lesson we will learn how palmists use lines in a persons hand to discover what type of life an individual may have. I have decided for simplicity sake to only focus on the major lines and meanings as well as the major hand shapes.

The Major Lines of the Palm

To help you locate the lines in the palm I will ask that you use the graphic at the top of this page. Remember, your palm will not look exactly like that. Every palm has variations in its size, shape and texture. So if your lines don't look like the ones above don't worry.

Head Line: Although, the head line tells how a person thinks it does not show how intelligent a person is. A person with a short head line thinks very simply and straight to the point. A person with a long head line indicates that they think things through very carefully. A straight line indicates that they think clearly. A person with a curved head line means that they are constantly trying new ideas. A sloping head line tends to mean that the person is creative. Horizontal headlines belong to more practical people.

Heart Line: There are two types of heart lines: curved and straight. A curved heart line means that one is more active in romantic pursuits. While a straight heart line means that you are more passive in regards to romance. It is very interesting to find that wizard researchers have found that most women tend to have straight heart lines, while most men have curved. Studies done on married couples reveal that the ones that have similar heart lines generally have the most successful marriages. A heart line that has a branch from it that extends all the way to the indiviuals life line indicates that they are hurt easily by love.

Life Line: The life line does not indicate how long you will, but the quality of life that you are likely to have. A life line that runs close to your thumb indicates that you are a person of low energy. If your head line is stronger than your life line it means that you are a more physically and mentally active person. The small life lines that branch off of your life line indicate the significant events in your life. A branch that leads to the Jupiter mount (see palm above) indicates that you will have academic success. A branch that leads to the Saturn mount indicates that you will have lots of property. A branch towards Apollo mount means that you will have lots of money. A branch towards mercury means that you will be successful in buisiness.

The Major Hand Shapes

Now that you have learned about the major lines in your hand and find out what they mean about you as an idividual you may now look and find out what your hand shape indicates about you as a person.

Fire hand: A fire hand has a long palm and short fingers. People who have this hand tend to be very active and extroverted. They also tend to be highly excitable and emotional people. Fire hand people also have tendancy to be in a lot of accidents.

Earth Hand: People with an Earth hand have square palms and short fingers. They usually have very few lines. People with this type of hand tend to not like change much. They are usually slow in nature. They also tend to love the outdoors. They are very stable people and make very reliable workers. People with earth hands tend to be drawn to careers such as photography or carpentry.

Air Hand: The air hand has a square palm with short long fingers. Individuals with this type of hand usually excell in writing and talking. They are cheerful and happy people. People with this hand tend to work in the communications industry. They are in constant need for attention and tend to get bored very easily.

Water Hands: Water hands are usually rectangular with long fingers. People with this hand make good poets and muscians. They are also often involved in the fashion and beauty industries. People with this hand tend trust feelings over judgement. Actresses and models tend to have this hand.

Some of you may be asking what purpose does palmistry serve for the questioning people. It provides the reader a chance to look at the individuals personality and understand who they are and the feelings and traits that surround them as people. Through analyzing the palm, one may be able to determine what type of job this person should have, what kind of medical/emotional conditions they may be prone to, and many more things. Because palmistry can provide so much information many people who denounce all other forms of divination still believe that palmistry is useful, especially in magical medicine. Even though you don't know everything there to know about palmistry I hope that you at least know more than you did coming into this lesson.

Note: This Homework is due on midnight March 1, 2003.

1. What does the life line tell about a person? (1pt.)

2. What does a curvy heart line mean? (1 pt.)

3. Observe the head line on your dominant palm, based on the information that you learned in this lesson what can you conclude about the way you think? (10 pts.)

4. Identify which hand shape you have based on the information above. What does that shape say about you as a person? Do you believe that to accurately describe you, why or why not? (15 pts.)

5. a) What does the non-dominant hand show the palmist? b) What does the dominant hand show? (2 pts.)

6. Who used palmistry to judge his men? (1 pt)

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