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Price: 50 USD


Do you need something that will make your website visitors stay and return? Then the Game Console is perfect for you! Within 10 minutes you will have a whole arcade on your website. The full version has 30 of the best Java games and all you need to do is create one simple web page for it. 

Game Console features: 

  • 30 of the best Java games. 
  • Excellent design 
  • Intuitive Controls 
  • Smart loading for fast startup 
  • Hours of Game playing 
  • Support for third-party games 
  • Unlimited capacity of games. 
  • Easy set-up, choose what games you prefer. 
The Unregistered version shows unregistered notes, a link to RealApplets and has a limit of 10 games. Register the Game Console for 50 USD online and all these limitations will be removed! You will then be able to replace all links and images with your company name, or just remove them all at once. 
The registered version comes along with 30 games. You can choose which you want and add more if you like. 

If you would like to register, please go to the Register applets section. 

When registered you will automatically receive updates, and will have the right to change all images in the Game Console. The registered version uses easy to set up parameters to show your name and link in the game. 


The console reads it's data out of data.txt. This file contains the names of the games. For each game, the console will look for info.txt in the game's directory. Info.txt has information about the title, size, web page,author and description. 
This way you can easily add your own games, just put the directory in your console directory and create an info.txt file for that game. 
More info can be found int the readme.txt file of the download. 

Choose a version that fits you 

There are 4 pre-configured versions of the Game Console. 3 versions that can be used unregistered and 1 for registered users. 

Game Console Light - 7 games 
Game Console Medium - 8 Games (Light + Find It 2) 
Game Console Standard - 10 Games 
Game Console Arcade - 30 Games (for registered users). 

About the included games. 

The games included in the console are freeware from various authors. The games can be downloaded free from the author's websites. We have put in great effort to collect the best freeware games and to providean easy way to run them on your website. The registration of the console only registers the console, not the included games since they are freeware and can always be used. 
Our games included (RealApplets) are shareware and can be registered seperately if desired. 

Installing and modifying

Read installing.html for help.


This is is created by RealApplets
Design and graphics : Carl Nollet
Idea and programming : Bavo Bruylandt

Written By Bavo.