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Installing and modifying


To install your Console put the following code in an HTML page :

<APPLET CODE=GConsole.class archive="GameConsole.jar" WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=350 MAYSCRIPT>
<param name="games_file" value="standard.txt">
<param name="useWhite" value="no">
Java is not enabled! Please go to <a href="" target="_blank">RealApplets</a> for help.

Change the "games_file" parameter to "light.txt" if you have a light version or to "medium.txt" if you have the medium version.
UseWhite can be "yes" or "no". If yes then the console will have a white background.
The MAYSCRIPT tag is required for the console to open the game windows.
The link to RealApplets will only appear if the users can't run the applet, we have a section at our site dedicated to solving that problem.

Required files

You need all the images in your web page directory. All games have to be in their standard subdirectories, they do not require set-up.
You do not need .class files, they are in the GameConsole.jar file, the browsers find them automatically.
Make sure you do not upload images and JAR files in ASCII mode.

Deleting games

To delete a game open data.txt and remove the name of that game. When done you can also remove the directory of that game.

Adding games

To add a new game you need to put the game in a subdirectory. Suppose we have found a Tetris applet. Put all files in a new subdirectory (of the console) and call it for example "Tetris". Now open data.txt and add a new line called "Tetris".
Next time the console loads it will search in the tetris directory for info.txt. It needs info.txt to know the name of that game, the dimensions, the HTML page to show and the description of it.
Go to the created subdirectory (this case "Tetris") and create an info.txt file. This is done like this :
(line1) Game Title
(line2) HTML page of the game
(line3) Game width
(line4) Game height
(line5) First line of description
(line6) Second line

So in your case this would be the input for info.txt:
A nice tetris game
written in Java!
- By Somebody -

If done correctly the console will now display and be able to run your new game. Remember that the unregistered version will only allow 10 games.

You can reach me at

Written By Bavo.