Test for Whites

write an essay about what it means to you to have an online Gorean Master/Mistress

1. What is the primary duty of a kajira/kajirus?

2. what does this mean to you .......... about how you present yourself?

3. Who's word is law?

4. where does a kajira/kajirus go when the camp is threatened?

5. What is the order of greetings?

6. When is it okay to do a general greeting?

7. If unsure if the Free is a Master or Mistress how do you address them?

8a. if your Owner is present what do you do first? b. if not then what?

9. When do you do chores?

10. are you allowed to touch a weapon?

11. when is a kitchen utencil/knife considered a weapon?

12. What is the ONLY exception to this rule on weapons and how do you handle it?

13. are you allowed to cut and paste a serve or chore?

14. are you allowed to cut and paste a dance?

15. To cry and whine is what to your Owner?

16. Do you greet in the middle of a serve?

17. If you are in the middle of a chore and a Free enters what do you do?

18. If you are in service at the feet of a Master, Mistress or trainer...what must you do before addressing another?

19. A kajira/kajirus has the last two words in any arguement or disscussion what are they?

20. Where should money/coins be carried?

21.What is the punishment for striking a Free?

22. When have you learnt everything?

23. What is your highest Law?

24. If a Free from another city/camp comes in and tells you that a Master/Mistress or another slave of Paravaci is in danger in another city/camp and tells you to go what should you do?

25. Who is allowed to cage gag or restrict you?

26. Who can punish you?

27. When are you allowed to travel?

28. How often should you check the message board?

29. What is Gor?

30. give Me 10 foods and 10 drinks how they are served (example hot, room temp, or cold) what are they served in....for foods how do you make them? and what sides should be on the tray or plate?

31. Tower (post the actual position as you would in the city)

32. nadu (post the actual position as you would in the city)

36. What is Sa-eela?

37. What is a Kef? both meanings

38. There are two meanings to the word kes what are they?

39. What is a firestarter?

40. What is a stone?

41. What is a homestone? and do you have one?

42. What is the meaning of ki?

43. What does la kajira mean?

44. What is a dina? both meanings.

45. What is a tef?

46. 6 tefs equal what?

47. What is Tor-Tu-Gor?

48. What is an ihn, ehn, ahn?

49. Display (detail the position)

50. Who is your Owner?